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Excess Skin on Breasts After Pregnancy. What to Do?

I was a very full DD cup prepartum. They did not get much bigger during pregnancy, but afterwards they shrunk down to a low C/high B - maybe less if... READ MORE

Breast Lift W/ Implant. Opinions? Recommendations?

I'm a 36, 5'8, 140, 35 & breast fed my kids. Im thinking a lollipop lift w/implants. I definitely like the high profile look. My breasts are... READ MORE

Will this extra skin/wrinkles at the end of the anchor incision in between breast go away or smooth out? (Photo)

5 weeks post op and wanted to know if this extra skin/wrinkles at the end of the anchor incision in between breast will go away. I have not seen this... READ MORE

My boobs need help? (Photos)

I lost weight quickly through stress, I am left with theses disgusting flaps of skin where my DCup breasts used to be. They look disgusting naked and... READ MORE

I want to get a procedure done on my chest but I've so many complaint with chest. I need help as to what I need ? (photo)

I am a 30 yr old very insecure and self concious girl. I lost 5 stone and am left with such a bad chest it won't fit it to any shape or size bra.... READ MORE

What procedure I need? I don't want a bigger or smaller chest. Just want them put back into shape. (photos)

I am a 30 yr old very insecure and self concious over my breasts. I lost 5 stone over the past 3/4 yrs. It has ever ted my breasts a great deal. They... READ MORE

6.5 weeks post op/breast aug. and my right breast look wrinkled on the bottom and has a slight sent by my nipple area. (photo)

I saw my surgeon 2 weeks ago and he said I am exactly where I should be at a month and that my implants are still riding high and need usually about 6... READ MORE

Would getting a breast augmentation smooth out wrinkly nipples? (Photo)

I want breasts that fit my body and look natural but I am worried about my wrinkly nipples being more noticeable. What would you recommend me doing? READ MORE

Rippling only in one breast. Any suggestions?

I have silicone under the muscle implants, I have lost weight and i have notice rippling in the inner side of my right breast. The left one does not... READ MORE

Follow-Up/Addition to previous post/question. - Breast Augmentation Dissatisfaction. (Photo)

This post is in addition to my previous post/question. I thought I should add pics showing what the breasts look like when laying down. I've... READ MORE

I'm 6 weeks post BA. They're still not soft, too far apart & I can feel the wrinkles of the implants. What can be done? (Photo)

I had 255cc smooth round implants six weeks ago (under arm, under muscle), I am frustrated that my implants are too apart from each other and they are... READ MORE

I'm having problems with my bra. Any suggestions?

I have the bra that my doctor gave its very comfertable but it is pushing the bottom of one of the implants and causeing creasing in the fold like a... READ MORE

Having CC - Explant or replacement? (photos)

Hello Doctors! I was originally 34AA, and I've had my breast implants since August 2012: 234CC in Left, 286CC in Right breast. Since the end of 2012,... READ MORE

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