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My right breast is oozing puss and it's progressively getting worse. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am 4 weeks and 1 day post op. Since my breast reduction, I've constantly had issues with my right breast. I've informed my Doctor of the constant... READ MORE

Could I Be Suffering with From a Capsular Contraction?

Hi, I'm now 3 months post op from a BA, I had 325cc overs and have felt a bit sore and tender to the touch across the top of my left breast since... READ MORE

Is this symmastia - does tenting get worse over time? (photo)

Hi I had unders 405 cc and am worrie I'm getting symmastia and dose tenting get worse over time  READ MORE

Will Breast Augmentation Make My Scoliosis Worse?

I have slight muscle fatigue and lower back scolisos, i currently have quite small breasts as i am quite slim, and am worried that getting a too big... READ MORE

It's been 4 days since my breast augmentation, I started feeling better but now I feel even worse. Any suggestions?

The night of day 3 after surgery I started feeling extremely dizzy and nauseated. I've stopped taking all meds aside from the antibiotic and I... READ MORE

Sharp Pain Under Right Breast Post Breast Aug + Lift?

Hi, I was diagnosed with mild tuberous breasts,I am 8 days post-op BA under the muscle plus lift(areola incision). I'm having sharp shooting pain only... READ MORE

I had Breast augmentation done on Friday and I am absolutely horrified by how bad my breasts look. Any suggestions? (photo)

My nipples point down and it looks like the implant is sitting in my chest wall under my collar bone. I had no idea that it would look this bad. I... READ MORE

Is this wound healing. Or getting worse? Breast lift only to right breast with implants. (photos)

Hi had a small wound under my breast where the T junction is. It was small but bow its red and stings. Im washing it with antibacterial soap twice a... READ MORE

Is this Dr error? And how do I know who can fix it and who's going to make it worse? (photos)

My surgery was 2 and a half months ago. Could this of been avoided if I had chose another Dr? From this point on should I use another surgeon to do a... READ MORE

Is my necrosis getting worse? (photos)

I have previously posted pics of my necrosis when it started. It's now turned black and is still weeping, does this mean it's getting worse? Because I... READ MORE

Is this a botched job? I feel like crying all the time. What is wrong with them? (photos)

The photos attached are seven weeks post op. I am seeing my PS this week. I noticed two weeks in that they just didn't appear or look nice. I gave... READ MORE

I need an expert opinion on conflicting views regarding Tuberous Breasts. (photos)

I'm trying to lessen the "severity" of my tuberous breasts at home using a supplement-based routine that worked for a japanese girl sensation named... READ MORE

4 weeks post op when this started. What does this look like? Stitch abscess? Help! (Photos)

It has been exactly one week since my nipple became red. Slowly got worse. Never any fever or chills. Then by day 4 I noticed a thin yellow line under... READ MORE

Is this necrosis, venous congestion or normal bruising? (photos)

I posted a pic about 2 Daya post op and since then the situation haa gotten progressively worse and although I think I have a good doctor I'm still... READ MORE

Three weeks post-op; left implant showing signs of 'bottoming out'. Can I prevent it from getting worse? (photos)

Three weeks ago today I had my BA to go from almost nothing to a B cup. My left implant is 225cc moderate-plus profile and my right is 260cc high... READ MORE

Severe drooping - I am almost 4 weeks post op and the results are getting worse. (photo)

So, now I am almost 4weeks post op and the results are getting worse. I had a 397 cc in right breast and 339 in left due to pre surgery 2cm drooping.... READ MORE

Do Hispanic Scar Worse?

My surgery is coming up but I am torn on where I want the incision site. Initially I wanted it in the breast fold but now I am thinking of periareolar... READ MORE

What can I do to help capsular contraction? (photos)

My left breast (right on the picture) if very firm and ball like dose this look like capsular contraction?,, I have had two infections had to have it... READ MORE

21 years old- sagging breasts. What do you recommend? (Photos)

I am 21 years old and developed breasts very quickly and at an early age. I also lost 25 pounds at one point which clearly made the sagging worse. I... READ MORE

Are there going to be anymore changes really? (Photo)

Going on 5 months in a week, and I feel as though they've come to a dead end. It looks as though they've gotten further apart when I lie on my back.... READ MORE

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