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Can Breast Augmentation or Anesthesia Have Any Affect on my Menstrual Cycle?

I had a breast augmentation exacly one month ago today. I was supposed to start my menstrual cycle 2 weeks ago and I have not started yet. I am not... READ MORE

Are Gurgling and Swishing Common in Silicone Implants at High Altitudes?

10 months ago, I had breast augmentation (silicone). Now, each time I travel to Lake Tahoe, the high altitude seems to have an effect on them. I hear... READ MORE

Worried I've Bottomed Out. Breasts Are Uneven 6 Weeks Post Op Dual Plan Aug (photo)

6 weeks ago I had my breast augmentation with 250 cc mod+ with "dual plane" tech.and from the first week I was feeling diffirent on my left... READ MORE

Teen with uneven breast development

I have a daughter that is 14 years old, she got her first period in January and has uneven breasts. Her left is A cup and her right is AA cup. I dont... READ MORE

Reason for Pain and Constant Discomfort in Breast?

August will be 2 years since I have had my breast augmentation. I chose silicone implants. Since then, my left breast has had painful sensations along... READ MORE

1 Day PO- Does A Black Nipple Mean Necrosis Following Mastopexy/Augmentation?

I just had a breast mastopexy and augmentation yesterday. Today I notice that the left nipple turned black but the areola is still pinkish. My doctor... READ MORE

8 Days Post Op and I Am Worried I Already Have Issues with my Implants. Plz Tell Me Everything is O.K. (photo)

My left breast since day one post-op has had a dent right above the crease where the incision was made and it hasn't gone away it has gotten a... READ MORE

How Much Drainage from Tubes is of Concern?

I'm emptying about 40 mL out of both breasts every 4 hrs., the 3ed day after breast augmentation surgery. It seems like a lot. We are hoping it... READ MORE

Fever of 37.8 C (100.4 F) 6th Day Post-op for Breast Augmentation, Should I Be Concerned?

Silicone implants, subpectoral. Not much visible redness, but right breast still sore and tight. Had stitches removed yesterday. Is it a possible... READ MORE

Muscle Detached from Sternum From Breast Augmentation - Will It Get Worse over Time?

-Muscle detached from sternum (right side) from ba -Implant slightly bottomed out medially & inferiorly -I have saline (325 filled to 390) -... READ MORE

Hematoma After Breast Lift- 13th Day Sudden Bleeding, Pain and Swelling. Should I Worry?

I had 1st an allergic reaction to bandages. Thought this would be all, but no. Now I am having a small hematoma - that is what I was told. I was... READ MORE

Tiny Black Scab and Puckered Nipples Normal 14 Days Post Op?

Everything has been fine. I have been to my PS nurses twice, to remove staples and the second time a stitch was out and it was irritating me. Both... READ MORE

What Can I Do if I Have a Breast Augmentation with General Anesthesia in 4 Days and I Have Sore Throat?

My surgery is this Monday and I'm very worry! I have sore throat. What can I do? Please help me! (sorry for my English) READ MORE

My Breasts Scars - is This Normal After 40+ Days? (photo)

Hi, My breasts are almost healed, but the skin has strange color and some dried blood. Is such slow healing process normal and such dark sports? Is... READ MORE

Traveling for Breast Augmentation- How Many Days Is Enough To Stay Post-Op?

I'm traveling from Atlantic Canada to my condo in Florida for breast augmentation surgery. My surgery is scheduled for the 30th of September and... READ MORE

I'm Thinking of Cancelling my Surgery. Research on Breast Augmentation is Giving Me Many Concerns.

I read one article that talked about how a large percentage of women have to have a revision within 5 years because of capsular contraction,... READ MORE

Had a Breast Lift + Augmentation + Arm Lift 12 Days Ago And Am Worried About Results. (photo)

I'm 12 days post op.. why does my left boob look sooo much different and smaller than the right one? Is it because he didn't do a big vertical... READ MORE

Possible Cyst Near Breast Aug Incision, Should I Be Worried?

I'm 5 months post surgery. Recently found a small pebble like lump very close to the incision under the breast,along with a litte abnormal... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Breast Augmentation in Bangalore

My age is 28 I always plan to take up with breast surgery, but I am scared with the complication, if it become unsuccessfull, or after 10 yrs or any... READ MORE

Is It Possible for the Pocket To Widen By Movement After Surgery?

I had a BA six weeks ago. I am nervous that my pocket could widen by movements I do after reading some horror stories on the web. I had 360/380 sub... READ MORE

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