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Breast falling to side when i lie down, is this normal? (photo)

I am a month post op, i noticed after a strenuous work out (running and jumping i was wearing a sports bra) that my right boob seems to fall off... READ MORE

I take c4 pre-workout formula daily, I'm schedule for Breast Augmentation June 17. When is it safe to stop taking pre-workouts?

When is it safe to stop taking pre-workouts before surgery? Can you stop a couple days before and still be safe? Does it really need to be two weeks... READ MORE

Can my breast animation deformity be fixed and is it worth trying to fix? Do I go to the same doctor? (photos)

I had my augmentation 3 years ago. When talking with my doctor about the augmentation I told him that I workout alot and that it is a big part of my... READ MORE

1 Month After Mastopexy with Implants I want to do a Detox and Start Working Out, Recommended?

Hello, A month ago,I had mastopexy with augmentation. I had general anestesia and for 3 weeks I took 2 types of painkillers and antibiotics (I also... READ MORE

Do I have to avoid push ups after Breast Augmentation?

My PS says that it would be best to avoid all push-ups forever after BA. I do gym classes that are very intense and offen include push ups. I'm... READ MORE

What can I do to get a higher and more round faker look? (photos)

I recently got a breast augmentation on may 5th. The doctor put a 600cc saline implant in under the muscle. High profile and over filled. But the look... READ MORE

I'm 155 lbs, 5'10', athletic, 36 year old that got 700cc under the muscle, through the nipple. Will my pecks heal? (photo)

My pecks are often tight still. It's been 7 months and my left peck still often gets very soar and tight if I even do simple things like gardening or... READ MORE

What's the biggest cc that I could probably get? (photos)

I've never really had breast and now that I workout its worse. I would like to get a idea of what's the biggest I can get since I'm so flat chested... READ MORE

I'm 20 Years Old, 5'8, 135 Lbs. Is 475 Under the Muscle Too Big? (photos)

I am 5'8, 20 years old, 135 pounds. Having surgery in 3 days! I paid $6,600 in full and am having smooth round silicone implants under the muscle. I... READ MORE

I'm 40 yrs old and breast feed 4 kids. Am I a candidate for Breast Augmentation or would I need a lift? (photos)

Can the implants be placed high enough that it is a 'lift'? I do not want huge breasts-- I like large b small c... I need advice. I have the... READ MORE

Leg Workout after Breast Augmentation?

I'm a month PO and I don't care about waiting 6 weeks to do arms or chest workouts but I'd like to start doing some leg workout for my glutes. I... READ MORE

When can I start rebounding exercises or skipping after breast augmentation?

I'm four weeks post-op as of 20 Aug. I received 315 gr. I'm feeling good and just wondering if I can do rebounding exercises (mini trampoline)? Will... READ MORE

Is the tear drop shape really a better option if you want a natural look?

It seems there's a high chance of them turning. I am petite, 5'3" and 125lbs with a 32B. I work out 6 days a week. I am concerned they may not feel as... READ MORE

Do I have to stop taking BCAAs 2 weeks prior to my breast augmentation? (photos)

Bikini competition is 12/12/15 and today is the start of my "peak week". It's basically a crazy carb cycle, with limiting water intake and sodium. I... READ MORE

Does my incision look infected? Should I insist on getting antibiotics? (Photo)

This is a continuation of my message from yesterday. I did low impact exercise last weekend which was 3 weeks post op. Worked out 50 minutes with avg... READ MORE

Rowing and planks after Breast Augmentation ?

I would like to resume orange theory. Can I use the rowing machine? 400 cc under the muscle. Can I plank and do modified burpees and get back into a... READ MORE

How long till I can workout after my Breast Augmentation?

I got my BA on 7/25/14. Almost 2weeks ago . When can I start working out again? I know I can't do weight lifting for a while, but how about hiking or... READ MORE

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