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Time Off Work After Breast Augmentation?

Im a Hairdresser, Will 8 Days Be Enough Time off After Breast Aug? READ MORE

Is 3 Weeks Post-Op Breast Augmentation Too Soon to Return to Work?

I had a breast augmentation almost 3 weeks ago. I have 390cc in R. & 400cc in L. high pro. saline under muscle. Dr told me I can return to work... READ MORE

One implant clearly higher and larger than the other. I am 12 days Post op. Is this normal? (photos)

One implant clearly higher and larger than the other. I am 12 days Post op. Please help! I'm an exotic dancer and need to go back to work with out... READ MORE

Physical Job - How Long Will I Need off Work After Breast Augmentation?

I have a physical job, how long will i need off work for breast enhancement surgery below the muscle? How long will my breasts be sore for, as i have... READ MORE

Driving after BA, when would it be safe to drive again?

If surgery went well, which I feel it did with me, when would it be safe to drive again? I took off a full week of work, I have someone helping me... READ MORE

I work nights, and though it isn't ideal, could I work the night shift before day of surgery (BA)?

I would still follow all routine stipulations, no eating/drinking after midnight etc. I would also inform anesthesia I hadn't slept. Are there any... READ MORE

Internship Opportunity 2 Weeks After Surgery, is It Safe?

I have been given an opportunity to take an internship lead by an anesthesiologist, where I would be able to enter OR's and observe surgeries. The... READ MORE

9 days post-op: Left breast is lower and bigger. (photo)

Hello, i am 9 days post op now and i am concerned about my uneven breasts. I was at the doctors 2 days ago and he taped my left breast and i have to... READ MORE

About breast size - will this cream work? (photo)

I am 21 years old but my breast size is 30 now recently I have purchase Vince breast enlargement cream is that really work? READ MORE

How much time do I have to take off work if it's kind of physical? (breast augmentation)

390cc silicone under muscle dog duties at work -pick up small 5lb dogs -walk larger dogs -clean windows -scrub rooms -bend over a lot -wash dishes... READ MORE

How long after breast augmentation can I return to work and do I need to take time off college?

I'm planning to get Breast Augmentation soon as I finally have enough saved. I work 12 hours a week in a Laundry which involves transferring clothes... READ MORE

Should I continue working in a warehouse environment & going gym after I have capsular rupture in my left breast? (photo)

My recent breast ultrasound results show I have capsular rupture in my left breast im wondering if its ok for me to continue working? my job requires... READ MORE

If I were an average patient having an average BA what would be the maintenance programme through your my life? (photo)

I have been wanting sugary for close on 20 years however I was not going to concider it until I had my children. I am 39 and a AA size and now ready... READ MORE

Work from home after BA?

I'm going to have my first consultation this week, but curious to know one thing. Would it be okay to work from home after one week of breast... READ MORE

Is this swelling or just implants descending at different rates? (photo)

I will be three weeks post op on Friday and I had to go back to work Monday. I was told to use caution with vacuuming and mopping, but sadly for 4... READ MORE

Boob job and finance options, is it possible to get financing with bad credit?

Hi i want to get a boobjob and wonder if im eligible for a finance option or help to fund my surgery i work full time and get a good income however i... READ MORE

Sometimes I have to push hard o na patient's abdomen. Is this something I will be able to do ten days after surgery?

I plan to get breast augmentation and I will be returning to work 10daysafter surgery.I'm a sonographer and I rearly have to lift but sometimes I do... READ MORE

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