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Ptosis Grade 1 No Lift? (photo)

I have been looking up ptosis grades because I've been told I would need a lift and other say I don't! So I looked up how to identify what grade I am... READ MORE

Borderline Needing a Lift. Are Subglandular Silicone Implants Right for my Ptosis? (photo)

I've had consults with 3 PS's and am considering around 450cc silicone implants placed over the muscle. I don't want a lift at this time... READ MORE

Can I Get Large Implants to Avoid Lift? (photo)

Hi, I'm wanting to end up in the 34f range. Ive breast fed 2 children so I'm pretty saggy/deflated/very sad looking. Is there a way to avoid... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Without a Lift in Naturally Large Breasts? (photo)

I'm looking to maintain a natural hang, while adding fullness to the upper portion of my breasts. I'm currently a large C, would like to increase to a... READ MORE

Do You Recommend a Lift Or Can I Do With Only Implants? (photo)

Full C want DD - would I need a lift too or would the implant correct the sagging? I also want them closer together, as of now my nipples kind of look... READ MORE

Will D Cup Breasts Look Good on Me with Grade1 Ptosis and No Lift?

My PS said I need a lift however in my pencil test it barely stays there before falling and my nipple is above the pencil. I cannot afford to do a... READ MORE

How can I regain the fullness and symmetry in my breast without a lift? (Photo)

Hi. I'm a natural 36G. My breasts were PERFECT until I had my daughter and breastfed until she was 3. Now they droop, not too bad though. I feel the... READ MORE

Subglandular for my Breast Anatomy? (photo)

Hi, I am scheduled March 8th for a BA with over the muscle saline implants, possibly 450 cc's. I currently wear a 38B, 36C and have a 34 inch ribcage.... READ MORE

Is a breast lift needed if I have a level 1 breast ptosis? (photo)

Im 26 years old, mother of 2 looking into a mommy makeover and I was researching my degree of sag. And it closely resembles pseudoptosis or grade 1.... READ MORE

Do I Require a Breast Lift or Can I Just Get Implants? (photo)

Hi, I am wondering if you think that I will require a lift to recieve good results? I have attached my pictures and a picture of results I like. Thank you READ MORE

Can a Breast Lift Give Me Perky Boobs That a Young Woman Should Have? Or Breast Lift and Implant (photo)

I've always had a larger chest region in other people's eyes but to me my boobs are just saggy with loose skin. I've had no kids mind you. I really... READ MORE

Breast Implants with No Lift 16DD? (photo)

Hi , I am currently booked in for a breast lift but i have since thought about it and i want my boobies bigger as i am afirad that they will not be... READ MORE

After Gastric Bypass: I had Breast Augmentation one week ago....ugly breast...help, should I have had a lift? (photo)

I had my ba on 5-21-14. Right before the surgery my ps said I wonder if we should be just doing a fill or if maybe we should be doing a lift afterall.... READ MORE

Do I Need a Breast Lift or Would Implants Alone Look Okay? (photo)

Im 21 years old and I've lost 50 pounds over the last 3 years so my breasts are a lot smaller and not as ''tight'' I've... READ MORE

Do I Need a Breast Lift or Just Implants to Increase Size, Correct Asymmetry? (photo)

I am a 33 year old mom of 3 kids, 5'3", 115 lbs. Done having kids. Breastfed all 3. Prior to kids, I was around a 32C. While nursing, I was a 34D/E... READ MORE

I Want Breast Aug, but I Dont a Lift. Can I Still Go Under the Muscle? (photo)

The first Doctor told me that I have two options; 1. Lift 2. over the muscle implants. I dont like either one of my options. Is there still hope for... READ MORE

Im Confused Now? Do I Need a Lift? (photo)

I am 5.5, athletic 122pds. I had a consult online with a Dr from Mexico, he said I needed a periareolar skinset or donut lift with textured implants.... READ MORE

I Had Small Saggy Breasts and Now Have Large Saggy Saggy Breasts. How Do I Get the Perky Breasts? (photo)

I went to a PS June 2012 to see what could be done about my saggy breasts. I wanted to have a more youthful appearance. I was fine with the size of my... READ MORE

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