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Is There Any Way to Get my Breasts Closer Together Without Going Back Under the Knife?

I'm two weeks post-op. I went from a 32AA to a 32C. I had 400cc silicon implants placed under the muscle. My doctor said that I had very little... READ MORE

Could a Breast Augmentation Fix my Wide Set Breasts? (photo)

My boobs are fairly small (b cups), set far apart, and have an odd shape. Could breast augmentation fix their shape and how far apart they are or... READ MORE

Breasts Too Far Apart 10 Days After Implants, What Can I Do?

I had BA surgery 10 days ago and I am very surprised at how far apart they are. My surgeon suggested I massage the implants towards the center of my... READ MORE

Does Breast Augmentation Fix Gap Between Breasts? I Want To Go Bigger, With Cleavage. Thinking 400cc. (photo)

I Think I Have Wide Set Breasts and Want to Go Bigger (Big C) and Have Cleavage. Can I Get It? What's Best for my Frame? What is the beast way to... READ MORE

I have wide spaced breasts and my nipples face outwards. (Photo)

I have wide spaced breasts and my nipples face outwards. They look wall eyed and are puffy. I was wondering if there is any way to fix the gap to make... READ MORE

500cc's Too Much? BA/Vertical (Lollipop Lift) Will It Fix Wide Spacing and Broadness? (photo)

I weigh 165 an stand 5'5 muscular legs with no chest never had a six pack. Two kids 11yrs & 9 months (bf youngest for 6 months only) amI scheduled... READ MORE

I have wide set breasts. Where will implants and nipples sit post op? (photos)

Hi I'm due for BA (only - no lift) in early September & am again researching. I'm a little worried about where my breasts are going to sit & how far... READ MORE

I'm 5'1, wide hips, large butt, narrower waist, broad shoulders. Would you recommend Mod + or HP for broad shaped person.(photo)

I'm 5'1", wide hips, large butt, narrower waist, broad shoulders, 32.5" around (under the breasts). I think I'm a 36A. Could I pull off HP's? What CCs... READ MORE

Are Implants Plus Fat Grafting the Best Option for Me? (Photo)

I had a consultation to get breast implants and the doctor informed me that I have constricted breasts and a wide breast bone. I want to get small... READ MORE

Wide, Flat, Shapeless, and an A Cup 8 Weeks After Mastopexy and BA?

I am 48 years old, 5'5 and 200 pounds. Two months ago I had a full lift with implants, Mentor 475 cc High Profile cohesive gel placed in the... READ MORE

6 weeks post op, is it the incision come apart? (photo)

Im 6 wks post op with a lift & BA. Scab fell off a few days ago. Now the incision is getting wider. Like the skin is pulling apart. It is currently... READ MORE

Before and after pictures of breast augmentation for patients with large breasts who want huge breasts? (photos)

Many women who want breast implants are looking to size up to a D or E from much smaller, but what I want to see are pictures where the patient was... READ MORE

I have very wide set breasts, large areolas, and saggy breasts. What kind of surgery would you recommend?

Both of my breasts, one more than the other, seem to be detaching from the chest wall? Torn coopers ligaments maybe? It feels like there is a gap... READ MORE

What is the best implant profile for the most cleavage? (photos)

I am looking to get a breast augmentation however I am unsure of which option would be best for my specific needs. My ultimate goal of having this... READ MORE

Can someone please explain what the "popcorn" method is for closing a pocket in a breast augmentation?

In a BA without any issues other then pockets too wide (implants fall onto sides when lying on back) what options are there for fixing this?? What is... READ MORE

I would rather not lift for pseudoptosis, but will if required. What procedure would you recommend?

I've consulted a plastic surgeon who told me I need a lift in addition to implants. The scarring frightens me a lot. Questioning the necessity for... READ MORE

I'm 24 yrs old. Do I have Tuberous breasts? (photos)

Hi. I am 24 and never been pregnant before and have always felt that my breast shape is wierd. My breasts are really wide spaced and have a definite... READ MORE

After one month one Breast hasn't dropped. I'm worried about capsular contracture. Any suggestions? (photos)

I will be one month post op in two days. My right breast has been higher and harder since about 4 days post op than my left. My left dropped and... READ MORE

4 weeks post op, have I got symmastia? (photos)

I am four weeks post op. I had 375cc tear drop implants moderate plus above the muscle inserted. Pre op my breasts were very wide apart so I wanted to... READ MORE

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