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Weight Lifting After Breast Augmentation

I am 12 weeks post op, BA. I have resumed my weight lifting routine on a much lighter side. When can I resume push ups, dips, pull ups and bench... READ MORE

Recommended Wait Time Between Multiple Surgeries? (Breast Augment and Lipo/Fat Graft)

Getting breast implants on May 19th. Getting lipo/fat graft with different surgeon on June 16th.He said I need to wait 6-8 mos cause of risks due to... READ MORE

Waiting Time for Breast Augmentation After Breast Feeding

I stopped breastfeeding my daughter at 14 months of age and was wondering how long after cessation of breastfeeding can I get a breast augmentation... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation After Abortion - Waiting Time?

How Long Should You Wait After Having a 1st Trimester Abortion to Have Breast Augmentation? READ MORE

How Long Do I Need to Wait After Having Surgery to Correct Pectus Excavatum to Have Breast Augmentation?

Hi, I am a 33 yo that had a modified Ravitch procedure 3 mo ago to correct severe pectus excavatum. The pin that was placed during the procedure to... READ MORE

Is it worth a revision due to sizing? (photo)

I had an augmentation 5 months ago and was hoping for a mid-full 34C from a small 32A. My perception of a C cup was on a 34 band bra. Now I am a full... READ MORE

Should I Wait On a Mammogram If I Still Have Tenderness After BA?

I received implants/benelli lift a year ago and am just now starting to get full sensation back in my nipples. I still have some minimal pain and... READ MORE

A Little Overweight (5 Maybe 10lbs ) and I Want to Breast Augmentation Done and Possibly a Tummy Tuck, Do I Have to Wait?

At my heaviest I was 275lbs,4 years ago. I'm 29 years old, weigh about 150, and have had 3 c-sections. I'm sure I want breast implants and... READ MORE

Silicone breast implants at 17 with parental consent?

I am interested to get silicone breast implants in the next few months. I am willing to wait until I'm 18 for the surgery if I like the doctor and I... READ MORE

Why do my breasts look so different/ Uneven? (photos)

A littler over 3 weeks post op. Textured round silicone. The left looks natural feels natural and is softer while the right is more firm and ball-like... READ MORE

Should I wait until after kids to get Breast Augmentation?

I'm 25 with one child. Breastfed for 10 months. I went from a small B to a C during preg. and now barely an A. My husband and I would like to have one... READ MORE

Should I wait to get my areola reduction? (photos)

So I have (what I consider) large areolas and I'm also looking to get a breast augmentation to a small D. I was wondering if it would be useless to... READ MORE

What degree of ptosis + can I just get implants? (photos)

I'm currently looking into getting implants given I've lost 45 kilos over the past few years and as a result I've gone from a full C/small D cup to a... READ MORE

Will I have to get my breasts done again after pregnancy?

I am getting married in 8 months and want to start trying for children after. My biggest concern about getting implants right now is that I will have... READ MORE

Concerned about pain, swelling and size difference one month after BA. Any suggestions? (photos)

Pre-BA photo shows right breast slightly larger than my left. PS put 210 in R and 240 in L. I noticed a difference in size immediately after surgery.... READ MORE

I had a breast lift and implant five weeks ago today. When will I see exactly what size I am gonna be?

I had a lift and 565 cc implants I wanted 500 my surgeon gave me 565 I am a 36dd I think I was a 36 small b or c my breasts are still big it is true I... READ MORE

I'm curious to know the pros and cons I guess as to waiting to get breast augmentation until after having children? (photos)

I am 26 years old and I've been considering implants since I was 18, yet everyone is always saying wait until after kids. What are the issues I could... READ MORE

Is it safe to have breast augmentation prior to going on a cruise?

I am planning on having bilateral breast augmentation surgery in the next few months. I am also scheduled to go on a week long cruise on June 12 that... READ MORE

One implant high and one in place. Any suggestions? (photos)

Under the muscle implant of 400 cc, one went right in place. The other is to my collar bone. It has been 4 weeks, it hasn't moved. How long do I... READ MORE

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