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Will Chest Exercise Increase Post Operative Breast Augmentation Pain?

I'm working out regularly in the gym so my chest muscle are tight although my skin is loose and breast have lost volume and saggy after having baby. I... READ MORE

I Have Natural 30E Breasts How Much Can I Add Without the Implant Being Visible?

I have natural 30E breasts. I want to add volume to them. However I don't want the implant to be visible when I'm bouncing around during intercourse;... READ MORE

Considering Autologous Fat Transfer from Liposuction for Breast Augmentation. Is it really an effective, long-term solution?

A recent study (Choi et al., 2013) compared volume of fat retained at various time points as measured by 3-D imaging. Results showed only 52.3%... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Jan 2014. Tugging/pulling sensation with no bra on. Have my breast bottomed out? (photos)

Naturelle silicone 304 cc. mod profile, under muscle. I have no upper pole volume since 2 months post op. Had breast reduction 25 years ago. Dr used... READ MORE

Is Adifyline effective in increasing fatty tissue volume where applied in a serum?

I am an androgynous male using a breast serum called Sublime Bust. It is made primarily of Pueraria Mirifica (white), a powerful phytoestrogen, and... READ MORE

What is a Large Volume, but Low Projection Breast Implant Going to Do for Me? (photo)

I have a very broad chest with a bwd of 17cm. I am trying to decide what size implants to go with and I am confused as to the volume because at some... READ MORE

Will my breast gain volume once my implants "drop"? 13 days post.

Pre Op: 5'9 ... 135 pounds... 34B 380CC SALINE HIGH PROFILE Just tried on a 36D- I'm NOT FILLING IT OUT.... My surgeon said my implants are "high" at... READ MORE

How to increase volume on my breast without implants (Photo)

I recently lost 50lbs and am now at my ideal weight and toning my body. The loss of weight took away the fullness of my breast, very depressing. They... READ MORE

Will I Lose a Lot of Volume Once Swelling Reduces?

I am exactly two weeks post augmentation today. I will be 41yrs in May and am 5'6" and 115 lbs. I was a 34B cup and wanted a D. My... READ MORE

I'm 5'8 and 150 lbs with 36D extremely saggy breasts. I would like a lift/implant. What cc's would you recommend?

NOT a reduction. I do NOT want to be bigger. I love the way I look right now in clothes with a bra but when I take off the bra, they sag badly and I... READ MORE

I'm 5'9, 150 - 160 lbs and wear a 34C with no volume. Is 475cc or 500cc too big or too small to achieve a D/DD cup?

I have my consultation for my BA shortly and i want an idea of what size implants to get. I am 5'9 and my weight fluctuates between 150-160. After... READ MORE

I want a Breast Augmentation without a lift. Are my breast too saggy? (photos)

I want a augmentation for my breast. I want more volume and form. I don't want the implant top sag. Am I a good candidate for augmentation? READ MORE

Do I Need a Lift with Augmentation? (photo)

I would like to have a smaller nipple with more volume. What is the proper procedure for me? READ MORE

I've lost a lot of weight and have stretch marks on my breasts. Are they saggy? Are there any non-surgical solutions? (Photo)

I lost a lot of weight and hence got stretch marks on my breasts. Their volume has decreased too. Are they normal or I need to have them corrected? Is... READ MORE

What is the reasoning behind my implants being so low? Why is the center of my chest FLAT with NO volume/definition? (photo)

I know I had wider set breast to begin with so im wondering is this just me? Or possibly a mistake by my surgeon? I can lay my hand flat between both... READ MORE

I want to increase the size and volume of my breast. Would you recommend Breast lift with implants or just implants? (photos)

I want to get a breast augmentation to increase size and volume but I am also concerned that my stretch marks will look a lot worse. They are so high... READ MORE

20 year old seeking opinion about tuberous breasts and implant size? (photos)

My breasts have always been small, but I've also always felt that they never quite looked round enough, either. I am planning on getting an... READ MORE

I have mild ptosis due to weight loss. Will breast augmentation correct the mild ptosis?

I am 20 years old and I have mild ptosis due to weight loss. I am currently a 34 D. I am looking to increase volume to my breast. Will breast... READ MORE

What size I will be if I'll have 100, 120 and 140 cc round implants moderate projection? (Photo)

I cannot decide, I want to have full A size, just a little bit volume in my breast. My surgeon propose to put 140cc width 9.5 cm and projection 3 cm,... READ MORE

Is "roundness" of the upper pole more a result of the volume of the implant or the projection?

Some doctors say high profile implants give more upper pole fullness and a more "fake" look. Doesn't volume factor in as much as profile when it comes... READ MORE

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