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Vertical Scar Widening As Well As Adverse Reaction to Kenalog Injections? (photo)

8 months post op. BA and full lift. The vertical scar is completely healed and superficially widening. My doctor said that this was because the tissue... READ MORE

Circumareolar lift candidate?

I am a healthy 44 year old, 176cm and 66kg. I was told by a plastic surgeon that I have too much droop for the donut lift and vertical scar will not... READ MORE

Is It Common To Have Vertical Defect 4 Months After Breast Augmentation?

I had BA 4 months ago- went from a 34A to 34C with 335 and 325 saline. They r a little on small size for me but i liked they looked realistic and were... READ MORE

What specifically would you do to give a mom of 2 the perfect breasts for a petite frame? (Photo)

Breastfeeding has left my breasts looking deflated, droopy, even wrinkly at times. I am looking for a very natural yet sexy look. I want to avoid the... READ MORE

Breast liposuction, then implants. Thoughts? (Photo)

Having surgery soon. Need opinions. Currently wear size 32G bra. I'm not excited about getting a lift. I dread the vertical scar. Board Certified... READ MORE

Can I avoid the vertical and horizontal scar? (Photo)

A doctor said I could do a breast augmentation with implants and a breast lift around the areola. My concern is I don't want to do this and my breast... READ MORE

Is it true that the vertical scars from the lollipop incision will widen over time? Will they fade or always be pink?

I had my first consultation today, and while I intend to seek out other opinions, it seems that all I read here is that lifts with implants require... READ MORE

I'm having a 6 month revision on my vertical breast lift scars. Should I have an areola reduction too? (Photo)

I really think my areola's are still too large and definitely have enough skin now that I think it should be able to get done, however my doctor has... READ MORE

I want to get a breast augmentation without a lift. Is this possible? (photos)

I am after a breat augmentation would like to go bigger. I've seen a few surgeons some said I don't need lift one says I do. I really don't know which... READ MORE

What kind of Incision will I likely require? Do I really need a lift or just a Breast Augmentation? (photos)

Breast lift and augmentation in 6 weeks. curious as to if I really need a full lift or if I can just have a nipple lift. I want to avoid the vertical... READ MORE

Will I require a breast lift? (Photo)

I am interested in getting a breast implants and feel that I most likely need a lift but I'm very concerned with the vertical scars. I have attached... READ MORE

The lower portion of the vertical scar on right breast is suddenly indented. Does this mean it's ready to separate?(photo)

Hi and thanks so much to the doctors who contribute here! I'm 6 weeks post op and just started to work out yesterday (very light aerobics, free... READ MORE

3 weeks post op. 260cc implants over muscle, uplift and enlargement. Worried about bleeding. Any suggestions? (photo)

My lollipop vertical scar is bleeding a little bit not a lot at all on both breasts with dry yellow puss but again only a tiny amount. Is this normal?... READ MORE

Help how do I fix the asymmetry and scaring and dropping of my left breast? (photo)

I have had my boobs done 2 years ago I had a droop and sag in my left breast and my areola was bigger then my right the doctor preformed surgery on my... READ MORE

I want to shorten my vertical scar/NAC.. Expense? Details? Pictures? (photos)

BA/Weiss 8 months ago. Sub muscular silicone 450 right, 425 left. After surgery my NAC was about 9 cm which is still about the same but since my... READ MORE

Can a surgeon change the operative strategy while you re in general anesthesia? (Photo)

I had my first BA with crescent lift,implants through areola with permanent sutures.i had bottoming out and went to another surgeon wanting wider... READ MORE

Can I expect implants to give me volume or is it absolutely necessary that I get a periareloar lift with an inverted t? (Photo)

Do I absolutely need the periareloa lift my ps is telling me I need. He plans on cutting out th areola. Repositioning it. & I will have a vertical... READ MORE

What kind of breast lift do I need and should I wait to lose more weight before a tummy tuck? (Photo)

I'm 27, 5'9", 175lbs, no kids. I've lost 120lbs over the last 5 years and would like to lose 25 more. I've been obese since childhood so my skin is... READ MORE

Do I need a full anchor scar breast lift to get the results I want? (Photo)

Had a breast reduction & lift (no implants) over 20 years ago. I now want a lift again with reduction/ implants (if needed) to get the look in my wish... READ MORE

What is the dent underneath my breast? (Photo))

6 months post op tuberous BA/BL 450 mod + wondering what the dent is? I don't have it on the other side & it's only happened in the last month. Happy... READ MORE

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