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Vertical Lines Under Crease and Pulling After Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I had a BA almost three weeks ago, and am noticing vertical lines under the crease, particularly when I raise my hands. They are painful, but not... READ MORE

I Want a Breast Augmentation and Not a Vertical Breast Lift.

Is this possible for me? I would rather have a less perfect breast than bad scarring from a lollipop incision. READ MORE

How should I treat this wound? (photo)

My perfect result after a vertical mastopexy with 250 cc implants is threatened by this wound. My PS treats it like this: covers the hole only with... READ MORE

Breast Overhang After Lift? (photo)

I am 6 weeks post op vertical breast. Lift with 400 cc mod plus silicone implants under muscle. I am just wondering how much overhang is normal after... READ MORE

Moderate Vs High Profile? (photo)

I was set on Moderate Profile Silicone implants. When I went to my preop I was told that HP implants would be a better option for me due to my smaller... READ MORE

Do my breast look normal 6 days post op with vertical lift moderate plus profile 350cc saline also areola reduction? (photo)

I feel like my nipples are still pretty low and different sizes, will this change once they drop and heal? Or will they appear lower? Will I have more... READ MORE

I'm 34DDD and considering breast lift/areola reduction but I'm scared of the vertical scar. How can I avoid square shaped boobs?

Do you think a week is enenough to comeback to regular activities ? i have seen some photos and they look quite squarr boobs .it is possible to avoid... READ MORE

Vertical Lift W/Implants 500cc 'S Fix My Space?

Scheduled for a Vertical Lift with Saline Implants and 500cc's is the number me and PS decided on together... As you can see my breast are not that... READ MORE

1.5cm X 2cm Hematoma After Vertical Lift with BA (225cc)?

Im 12days post op and after massaging last night my left breast swelled up suddenly. I went to the hospital today and they found a hematoma via an... READ MORE

Why are my areola still too low after vertical mastopexy? (photos)

Hello Doctors, I had implants partially under the muscle placed 1.5 years ago and then a vertical mastopexy a little over a month ago. The goal of the... READ MORE

Do I need an areola revision? (Photo)

Hello i had a breast lift with implants 2 months now. It was under the muscle vertical lift. I am happy with how the breast looks but concerned with... READ MORE

Benelli lift to a Vertical lift?

If a PS performed a "donut" lift with silicone implants and after you havr healed you feel that you may benefit from a "vertical" lift.. What would be... READ MORE

Do I really need a breast lift for breast augmentation with implants? (photos)

I want a breast augmentation with implants, but the doctor said I need an anchor breast lift. I look for a second opinion and the doctor said I need a... READ MORE

Gortex or Nylon for purse string suture?

For a vertical lift (lollipop incision) is Gortex better than Nylon for permanent purse string suture technique? Would the permanent suture extend... READ MORE

What is going on?! Why is my right nipple still low? Will it move up? Will I need a revision? They still seem so saggy! (photo)

I am 1 month and 2 days po. I had a vertical lift with 350 saline unders mod plus. Now that I am a little over a month I don't understand why I... READ MORE

Is this a good way to correct my breasts? (photo)

I just turned 19 and went to see a local PS because I want to correct my breasts. I don't necessarily want them bigger, just normal round/perky... READ MORE

Had periareolar lift BA. Dr. agreed to vertical lift but not moving areola. Will this work? 6 months post -op (Photo)

I was a small 36 C and I am now a 36 D. I had a periareolar lift with breast augmentation (450 cc silicone) Scheduled for a revision mastopexy. My Dr.... READ MORE

Do I need to get more skin taken out to make them tighter? 8 wks po vertical lift 350cc saline unders mod plus profile. (photo)

I have posted on here a few wks ago and just want my breast tighter and firmer. I told my ps before surgery I wanted firm, perky breast that look good... READ MORE

XL augmentation and Vertical Lift? (photos)

Hello, I'm 27, no children. I am looking for an XL augmentation of min-800cc to max- 1200cc silicone. I understand the risks and need to leave the US... READ MORE

Will 500 cc's give me a double D?

Hello Doctors. I posted earlier this week but with no picture. Now I have a picture. I know I need a vertical lift (was told on an online... READ MORE

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