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Unnatural Results After Breast Augmentation?

Why do some post-op girls have that "frankenboob" look immediately after their breast augmentation surgery, while others look more natural? Mine look... READ MORE

Are My Implants Too Large for my Frame? (photo)

I Feel Like my Implants Might Be Too Large for my Frame. Im a 5'10 175 and 7 days post op My right breast feels tighter than my left and i have type... READ MORE

Re Do my Augmentation? They Are Too Big and Unnatural Looking?

I wanted a natural looking moderate plus 330-350 to get me from a small b to a full c. I am only 5ft 100 lbs. my dr. said I was to petite for a... READ MORE

Will They Look Big Fake and Round After Recovery? What Are They Gonna Look Like in the End? Will They Shrink? (photo)

Im 10 days post op. 425 HP silicone undermuscle. I think my surgeon is great but I was hoping to get unnatural stripper looking breasts. big round... READ MORE

I Am 18 Days Post Op: BA and BL: HELP My Doctor Used HP! Will I Ever Have a Slope? (photo)

5"1 116lbs. Had a BA & BL (200cc, HP). I told my doctor i did not want the bob job look. I wanted 175cc and MP to adjust for saggy breasts after... READ MORE

How to Achieve Fake Look Without HUGE Implants/breasts? (photo)

Getting anchor lift plus implants 12/17. I am 5'7", 148lbs. I would like the "round, obviously augmented". 34D naturally EXTREMELY deflated. I don't... READ MORE

Silicone Vs Saline?

I am having a breast lift with change of implants on sept 21. I am having a hard time deciding between silicone or saline implants. I currently have... READ MORE

8 days post op Breast Augmentation, my breasts feels unnatural. Is my breast swelling, dropping, or capsular contracture?(photo)

I had my breast augmentation procedure done 8 days ago, saline, 400 ccs in the right and 450 ccs in the right. I feel like something is wrong. I feel... READ MORE

Tubular breasts - looking for advice and an expert. (photos)

Based on my photos, what is realistic result expectation for : *reconstructing the tuberous shape *receiving an implant that changes my 36 A into a... READ MORE

**6 Days Post Op** Breast Augmentation**implant Placement High and Unnatural -- HELP?

I posted pre and post op pictures Armpit incision with 380 high profile saline implants I'm 5'9 135 pounds My boobs look terrible.. Is it normal to... READ MORE

Teardrop/Anatomical Implants - Looking Unnatural When Lying on Back.

When the woman lies down the teardrop implants retain their teardrop shape which can be quiet unnatural looking. Is it still true with the latest... READ MORE

7 Weeks Post Op and Breasts Dont Look Right? (photo)

Had breast augmentation 7 weeks ago 450cc. They still look high, don't lay against my body at all, and feel very unnatural to the touch. I know I most... READ MORE

10 days post op, my beasts look unnatural and even bigger, will they go back to how they were on the first day? (photos)

The day after my BA my breasts looked BEAUTIFUL. Now, 10 days after my surgery my breasts appear larger and rounder in shape. I know that it is to be... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation At 18?

I want to get a breast augmentation. I would actually prefer saline implants over silicone ones. I actually don't want a natural look. But I don't... READ MORE

Will breast implants fill out the bottom/sides of breasts when they drop?

Hi! I am 5'5" - 120lbs - old bra size was a 32A -> got 400CC UHP under the muscle 11 days ago. My implants are still high & I know they will drop, but... READ MORE

Would a 32dd be too unnatural? (Photo)

Hello, I'm 18, and weight 112.6lb. I'm a 32A and I have want to get a high d cup or a 32dd.(Saline implants) My question is would that look too... READ MORE

What size implant would you recommend to achieve a C/D cup? (Photo)

I have a 27" ribcage and 31" across my breasts, 95 pounds 5'3" tall. I wear 30C push up bras so not so sure of my real size. I would like a big, full,... READ MORE

How to Achieve Fake and Solid Look?

I'm 23yo 1.60m and average/slim figure with B cup. I want a very fake sturdy high-up look (not like they almost detach) I want them to feel fake and... READ MORE

What is the maximum amount of ccs that I can have on my small frame? I'm 5'2 1/2 (Photo)

I am 159cm tall, 105lbs, current bra size is 32C/34B & was wondering if I get a high profile smooth implant, how many cc's can I go up to without... READ MORE

Help! Hate my breast shape, would implants help? (photo)

I recently lost weight and my once-C cup breasts have gotten even smaller. But what really makes me feel insecure is the shape of my breasts. They... READ MORE

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