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Reason for Pain and Constant Discomfort in Breast?

August will be 2 years since I have had my breast augmentation. I chose silicone implants. Since then, my left breast has had painful sensations along... READ MORE

Do Fibroadenomas Have to Be Removed Before Breast Augmentation?

I had a ultrasound one year ago showing a possible fibroadenoma and recently had a new ultrasound showing no changes at all in size or shape of it. i... READ MORE

I Am 24 Years Old.. Should I Get a Pre-op Mammogram (After Negative Ultrasound) Before Breast Augmentation?

I am a size 32A, 24 year old F getting a breast augmentation. Plastic surgeon advised getting an Ultrasound rather than Mammogram pre-op due to my age... READ MORE

Can a ruptured silicone implant cause arm pain?

I had breast augmentation surgery back in 2003. In 2006 it ruptured and I never got operated again. My doctor ordered an ultrasound and said there was... READ MORE

Hematoma following stereotactic breast biopsy?

I had stereo brst biopsy on oct 28. During proc they nicked artery putting clip in and I bled out a lot. They stopped bleeding and I proceeded to mamm... READ MORE

I'm 19 years old and my left breast is a full cup size smaller than my right. What is wrong with my breast? (Photo)

My breast have always been small like my left one, but when I got to high school my right breast was growing, but my left was not. My left breast... READ MORE

Advice for on seroma?? (photos)

2nd ultrasound 4 weeks apart show only a slight decrease in size of fluid seroma. Right breast has been swollen For 5 weeks, implants inserted nov 22... READ MORE

capsular contracture - can ultrasound picture show in black and white that capsular contracture occurred or that it didn't?

Can ultrasound picture show in black and white that capsular contracture occurred or that it didn't? One of my breast is smaller, which worries me.... READ MORE

Will the doctor just take the cyst out and put implant in?

I went to the doctor in 09 I believe for a knot in my breast. They took an ultrasound and said it was benign that it was nothing more than a cyst. I... READ MORE

Will these mondors cords that run down my arm cause any complications? (photo)

I am 5.5 weeks post op from transaxillary submuscular breast augmentation. I developed mondors cord at 1 week post op in armpit, cords seem to be... READ MORE

Is it common to get staph infection from breast implants?

I've got staph infection in one nipple. I've been on 3 lots of antibiotics and can't seem to get rid of it. I had an ultrasound and it came back all... READ MORE

BIA ALCL - pain in breast.

Oct/16 I had a very painful left breast. Went to ER. With fever/chills blood work/ X-ray normal, ultra sound done on a later date. ER gave me... READ MORE

Is There Any Risk if I Get the Implants with Just Knowing the Results from an Ultrasound? Is a Biopsy Necessary?

I am 20 years old getting breast implants and recently found a lump on my left breast, I went ahead and had an ultrasound done after getting my... READ MORE

MRI vs. Ultrasound to detect problems?

I have capsular contraction in both my breasts after getting silicon implants over the breast 13 years ago. I had an ultrasound done on them and the... READ MORE

Is ultrasound an effective treatment for capsular contraction?

I have developed mild capsular contraction in my left breast has told by my surgeon 6 weeks ago, i have been doing massage techniques on the breast... READ MORE

How can I determine number of CC's?

I had breast augmentation done 20 years ago. They are saline, placed above the muscle. I do not know the number of CC's and unfortunately the surgeon... READ MORE

Would a seroma show on a mammogram or ultrasound?

I've had smooth implants since 2011. About a week after stopping birth control pills, I discovered what I thought was a cyst in my RT breast. My GYN... READ MORE

Having seroma post op ba increases the risk of getting capsular contraction?

I had seroma for 3 weeks post op leaking from my left breast, my doctor left it to dry out naturally with proper wound care and antibiotics, culture... READ MORE

Are there any docs on Real Self who have fixed a protruding rib? (photos)

I had an ultrasound done and found out that I have scar tissue and a protruding rib under my right breast crease. Now I know why my breast has always... READ MORE

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