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Breast Augmentation Through the Belly Button?

I have seen this procedure on television, but with the consultations I've had with doctors, no one really seems to want to do it. Is there a reason... READ MORE

TUBA Breast Augmentation

I want to do a Transumbilical (TUBA) Breast augmentation. Can use you TUBA procedure to put the implants under the muscle? READ MORE

Is Breast Augmentation Through Tummy Tuck Incision Possible?

I had read of a procedure that allows a breast augmentation while doing a tummy tuck, using the tummy tuck incision rather than incising the breast.... READ MORE

Is TUBA Breast Augmentation with Breast Lift Safe?

I came across a surgeon website who practices in NY city that states that the doc is an expert in Transumbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA) procedure... READ MORE

How Much Does It Cost for a TUBA in San Diego ,CA. ?

How much is it for a transumbilical breast augmentation in san diego ? READ MORE

Are Lumps After TUBA Surgery Going to Go Away?

After TUBA breast aug, two lumps from where the implants were pushed through are growing and painful..right under my boobs and sore all the time..... READ MORE

12 Days After TUBA and Noticed a Swelling/Pocket Filled With Fluid? (photo)

I had TUBA 12 days ago, this morning I noticed a swelling/pocket filled w. fluid under my Rt. breast where tunnel was made to push implants in. When I... READ MORE

Orange County Doctor for Transumbilical Breast Augmentation?

Im looking for a doctor in my area (orange county) that preforms Transumbilical breast augmentation. If you do this prosedure what is the cost vrs. a... READ MORE

Palpable Lumps Where Tunneling Was Done for TUBA

I am now about a month post-op and I can feel tender lumps where the tunneling was done for my TUBA procedure. My PS told me to massage them in order... READ MORE

Will 500cc saline give me the desired wish picture look? Please help! (Photo)

I am 20 years old, 5'3 and 110 lbs. I am wanting to get 500 cc saline implants under the muscle with the TUBA incision. I am wondering if that will... READ MORE

Saline or Silicone Implants For Someone With Allergies/Sensitivities?

Augment next month. I have trouble with allergies to metals and artificial foods upset my stomach. But after loosing ALOT of weight (100+), I need an... READ MORE

TUBA Augmentation. One Seems to Be Partial Under Muscle, the Other Completely. Will They Look Same? (photo)

I had a Tuba Breast Augmentation 3 months ago. One implant is high than the other. It seems that one implant could be completely under the muscle and... READ MORE

Are my implants too high for 2weeks post op BA and will they start to drop soon? (Photo)

I have saline 445cc under the muscle tuba. My right implant looks a bit higher then my left is this normal? READ MORE

Is it normal to have this much bruising after getting breast implants? (Photo)

I just got tuba breast implants on march 31 2014 and I had a bit of bruising the day after the surgery and it's been 5 days and the bruising looks a... READ MORE

Bruises on Stomach After TUBA?

I had my BA done through TUBA almost 3 months ago, and I still have two light colored bruises on my stomach right next to the track marks (I can still... READ MORE

How long will it take my implants to soften up and drop?

I just had 650cc saline TUBA under the muscle this past Wednesday February 19. My implants are currently sitting pretty high on my chest, they hard... READ MORE

Belly Area Pain from Having a BA Via TUBA??

I had my BA 3 1/2 weeks ago and I am still having some off and on pains from my surgery in my belly area. How long should I expect this to last for?... READ MORE

If it so happens that capsular contracture occurs what are my options? 11 months post op, saline under the muscle (photo)

If it so happens that capsular contracture occurs what are my options? (480 L, 450 R) I know your options can be Singulair for a few months, or a... READ MORE

Is it extremely odd for a DR to RECOMMEND tuba incision?

I sent my pictures to dr whos receptionist said that the dr said I would be a perfect candidate for tuba.Im shocked and told her most drs shy away... READ MORE

Can You Receive a Breast Augmentation Using the Transumbilical Method if You Have Had a Tummy Tuck in the Past?

I had a tummy tuck almost a year ago with no complications. I am asking this because a new belly button is created for the patient with a full tummy... READ MORE

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