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Trauma to Right Side Caused Rippling in Left Saline Implant, Should I Be Worried?

About a month ago I fell off the back of a truck that was going only 20 mph or so.I landed on the asphalt on my right side (on my arm, shoulder, and... READ MORE

Left Breast Dropping Too Fast Due to Physical Trauma?

Aug. done 7/13/12. i notice after riding a some fair rides that my left breast dropped about a day after goignt to fair. Could this be just timing or... READ MORE

3 months post op BA motiva silicone gel implants. Has my result been damaged?

My son accidentally kicked my left breast. He is 2 years old and a boy. I am worried if it could affect my implant. Tho it didnt hurt. READ MORE

Reoccurring capsular contracture due to trauma, will my breast eventually be normal?

I had my first year November 2012 and injured my breast about a 2 weeks later by pulling my arm. I later developed capsular contracture and had... READ MORE

My hair is falling out I'm 3 weeks post op and it's half as thick as it was. Should I be worried? Should I get blood work done?

First off my ps isn't returning my calls and I can't get anyone in that clinic to help. Why could my hair be falling out like this. Could it be trama... READ MORE

Does the use of disposable implant sizers during surgery induce more trauma?

It would seem that inserting sizers during surgery would carry risk of increased inflammation, bleeding, and longer term possible capsular contraction... READ MORE

Follow-up: How long does contusion last after getting hit in the silicone breast implant? (photo)

Around 3 weeks ago I hit my breast hard onto a man's shoulder. I have silicone under the muscle 275cc. I just went to a PS and he said there is no... READ MORE

Which procedures would surgeon would take if patient had serious trauma to newly augmented breast? (Photo)

I had got sailine inplants under the muscle 4/11/.2016. 5/17/2016 I fell on a concrete surface. My breast were hit with total impact as I was not... READ MORE

Can I ask the clinic to stop payments after advice given causing a snowball effect of complications? (Photos)

I had Breast Aug and Abdominoplasty last year. I was told by my Surgeon after 2wks to take off my Bra, it was pushing my boobs up, as a result the... READ MORE

Terminology? Need clarification, please help.

Hello. I am trying to understand the differences in terminology. What is minor trauma? Major trauma? Capular vs. capsular? Is that scar tissue? Breast... READ MORE

Blunt trauma with seat belt with 4 week old breast implants

Had breast implants revision surgery I had my breast pockets fixed and nipple with under the muscle Implants with scarr revision a month ago . last... READ MORE

Advice after being hit in breast after having implants under the muscle.

Wondering if I could get a bit of advice I am 41 days post op, breast implants under the muscle. two days ago a 4 year old child jumped on me excited... READ MORE

Affect of trauma on recent breast augmentation?

Can a traumatic impact from a seatbelt or airbag cause or result in asymmetry, if breast augmentation surgery was only 30-35 days prior to car wreck? READ MORE

Could I have torn the muscle over my implant in a traumatic wake board wreck?

My silicone breast implants are 6 years old. I took a hard wake boarding wreck 8 days ago and have since been in significant pain. The pain is burning... READ MORE

Possible saline breast implant trauma from inner tubing accident.

I was riding a tube on the lake yesterday. My daughter in law came crashing down on my chest when we were thrown from the tube. I have saline implants... READ MORE

Can a trauma cause the breasts to not develop correctly? Can trauma to the nipples cause underdeveloped of the breasts?

Can trauma to a female child chest cause tuberous breast deformity later on during puberty READ MORE

Before this they were fine. 4 months post op Trauma. (photo)

I Have Them strapped in an fitting underwire. i am soar, slight twitcjes in muscle. Will Keeping Them Together Allow The Right One To Heal Upright... READ MORE

What can I do to get the swelling to go down I look ridiculous. It is not painful.

Augmentation done 4 years ago. six weeks ago I fell and broke my right wrist. On Saturday I saw that my right breast was very swollen. it is I am... READ MORE

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