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Teardrop Implants with Short Height for Tall Women with Large Thorax?

I'm a trans woman. 26 yo, 6 tall, 160 pounds. I look 100% passable as a biology female but I'd like to go from 36 A to 36 FULL D. My Surgeon... READ MORE

What looks best on transgender females, high profile or moderate profile implants? (photo)

Iv been doing tons of research. Meet with my PS Thursday to set surgery date up and go through exactly what I want. Im 5,11 I plan on going with... READ MORE

M to F Transgender Breast Augmentation Silicone Under the Muscle?

I'm looking to get Round Silicone implants under the muscle but don't know whether high profile or moderate plus, also I'd like to get a C if possible READ MORE

What size will I be if I am a 36B and get between 700-750 cc's saline under the muscle? (photo)

I am a pre op Transgender individual seeking my first breast augmentation. I am 5'7" 185lbs. I want natural looking breasts that fit my body. At... READ MORE

Are there any Doctors in New York City that work well with male to female transgender patients for Breast Augmentation? (photos)

Hi, I'm male to female transgender, age 36. I've been on and off hormones for several years. Im 5 ft 10 weigh 185 lbs. I have natural small breasts... READ MORE

Am I a Canidate for Breast Implants? From Nothing to D Cup Breast? (photo)

Hello, i havr been considering getting breast augmentation for a year now. Im transgendered, and in the beginning of my transition. I do not have... READ MORE

Transsexual Breast augmentation over vs under silicone? (photos)

30 year old trans 5'8 220 eek but losing a few lbs. looking to get breast augmentation wondering which route I should go over versus under the muscle... READ MORE

Can Nipples be centered on the breast?

I am getting a Breast Augmentation. I was told that what I have will be the same but more volume. I have an issue where my nipples are farther out... READ MORE

What is the Best Approach for a Transgender Patient to Get the Best Most Natural Feminine Result from Saline Implants?

I am a 5"9 238 transgender patient who has a A cup and wants a D cup. I want the most natural looking approach with saline implants, should I go above... READ MORE

Did my doctor Really give me 800cc saline bags? My Breast look small. (photos)

I am a M2F (transexual) paitent and I just had my bilateral Breast augmentation surgery yesterday. I started with small Breast(see before pics). I... READ MORE

MTF Transgender went to 4 consultations & was advised for 750-800cc at each consult. Is this correct for my goal? (photo)

I have tried on Sizers and love the 800cc. I am doing Saline under the muscle. I am wondering though if I will be too big. My goal is to have them... READ MORE

20yo MtF trans Brest Augmentation. (photos)

I am looking into getting a breast augmentation and would love some recommendations as to what type of implants to get. I was thinking about getting... READ MORE

I'm a heavy transgender who got 720cc and 750cc but it looks like i got man boobs . ?? (photos)

I'm a transgender woman and I got 600cc saline moderate plus implant filled to 720cc and 750cc. I'm 6'2 280 pounds and a very wide chest (44 bra band)... READ MORE

Transgirl 5'6 Cup Size 36 a or B Wants 450-600 Cc Saline?

I've gone to do four different consultations two of the PS's suggested that I go with 450cc's up to 470cc's. Another surgeon suggested I go with... READ MORE

Need help finding experienced surgeon for Male to Female Breast Augmentation. (photos)

I'm A Transgender MTF Looking To Have Breast Augmentation, Any Well Recommend Surgeos In NYC & Long Island? He Must Be Experience With Transgender... READ MORE

What is the outcome for saline above the muscle implant?

I'm 5"9 230 transgender patient and my surgeon is talking about placing my implant above the muscle. He says I can get more size that way and less... READ MORE

5'6.5,145 Pounds,transgirl,615 Cc's P.O?

Tomorrow(thursday) will be my 3rd week after surgery. So far i feel like my breast still look small. I started from a 36 A,and not sure what i am as... READ MORE

Going from 32A to D or DD? (transwoman)

Hi, I am 6' tall, 19 years old, a transwoman, and currently 145 pounds (am probably going to get down to 130 before I have the surgery tbh). I am... READ MORE

I'm 15 yrs old & want a Breast Augmentation. Will more development cause any health risks or disfigurement in the breast?

I'm a transgender female, and being on hormones for a year now has left me interested in getting a breast augmentation. Though there is a chance my... READ MORE

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