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Sadness / Disgust - Range of Emotions After Breast Augmentation

Hi, I had a breast augmentation 10 days ago. On about days 6, i started noticing that whenever i touched my breasts or even clothes brushed passed... READ MORE

I Am Three Days Post Op for Breast Aug. Hurts to Touch Breast?

I had 425cc in my left breast and 475cc in my right. I was a 34B- before surgery. My left breast seems to be doing fine with minimal pain. They both... READ MORE

When is it safe for my partner to touch my breasts normally and not worry after breast augmentation?

I had anatomical teardrop implants placed 5 weeks ago, and this is a little embarrassing but I would like to know when its ok for my partner to start... READ MORE

5 weeks post op, How long should I wait for sexual activity after Breast Augmentation?

Hello, I got my anatomical teardrop implants 5 weeks ago, And I wanted to know how long I should wait before me and my partner can start having sex... READ MORE

I just got my BA done yesterday (7/25) My breast feel very high, and hard. Is that normal? How long for me to be able to shower?

I got my BA on July 25. Everything went well . I didn't feel much pain after my surgery. Today ,the second day it hurts a little more . My boobs seem... READ MORE

After a body massage I have pain under and around my implants. Did the massage or laying on my belly hurt my implants?

I had a fully body massage yesterday. I didn't feel pain during the massage but laying on my belly towards the end I was starting to feel a little... READ MORE

Is it normal to feel fluid when touching the top part of your breast after a BA?

When I touch the top part of my breast it almost feels like there is fluid moving around. I just want to make sure it's not the gel that has leaked. I... READ MORE

Am I at risk for symmastia? (Photo)

I have 375cc HP under the muscle that are six months po. I can fit about 1.5 fingers between the implants but they are touching. I have no pain or... READ MORE

I'm day 2, is it normal to have redness on arms and top of breasts? Kind of hot to touch? (photos)

Just worried about infection. Started off as small b 520cc high profile - under the muscle still in a lot of pain and really swollen READ MORE

2 years post-op (silicone, under muscle), I started having pains on my left nipple scar.

I had breast aug. With silicone under muscle & lift from around my nipple. After 2 yrs out of no where I suddenly have this sensitive pain like a... READ MORE

Is red and hot to the touch skin after breast augmentation bad? I'm 1 week post op. (photo)

I had a breast augmentation a week ago, and today they are red and hot to touch. I DO NOT have a fever, but my breasts themselves feel achy, but not... READ MORE

Why do I feel a burning sensation when even my bra touches my skin?

I feel a burning sensation when touching my left breast. I'm 4 days out of breast augmentation 650cc. On the same breast but different area is numb. READ MORE

10 days post-op, does this bruising look normal? (Photo)

I had a breast augmentation 10 days ago and have had this bruise for almost that entire time. It has been bright red and splotched looking. My entire... READ MORE

4 weeks post op Breast Augmentation, there is less sensitivity when touching the skin. Is this normal?

I had breast augmentation done 4 weeks ago. I got 360cc in the right and 370cc in the left, they are evening out now although to touch the right I... READ MORE

My breast are super sensitive to everything - feel it most in my nipples! Could this be permanent like numbness?

Any light touch or the feeling of fabric on them just sends me thru the roof and can barely stand it. I am only 2 weeks post-op and know that pain is... READ MORE

How long before my nipple sensitivity goes away?

I am 12 days post op. From Breast augmentation. My nipples are very sensitive, to the point that it hurts to the touch. I was afraid of loosing... READ MORE

Does nipple pain after Breast Augmention ever resolve?

I had the procedure (above the muscle) 6 months ago. I am very pleased, for the most part, with the results. I had the incisions below each breast.The... READ MORE

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