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Deflation Occuring? Incision Torn.

I am 1 week and 3 days postop from a breast augmentation. I got saline and 290cc in both breats. I was a 32b before and was measure yesterday at a 34d... READ MORE

Is it possible for one side of my breast tissue to tear after breast augmentation?

6 weeks post op and one breast is bigger then the other. One breast feels in pain like a sore bruise and when I slouch or bend over and touch my... READ MORE

Tore open breast implant incision. Will I be ok? (Photo)

Hi I had breast augmentation 11 days ago, yesterday I fell back on a chair and naturally grabbed forwards to stop me falling and I tore my left breast... READ MORE

My recovery was going great until I had a sneezing episode. Could I have wired through the muscle fascia or torn sutures?

I am a mommy of 3 age 33 yrs, I had BA & TT(no lipo) on March 18th, 5'2 , 114 pounds and my abdomen was looking very flat and barely swollen by 14... READ MORE

I Had Breast Augmentation 5 Months Ago and Just Learned from my Surgeon That I Tore my Breast Muscle. is This Common?

I had my implants put under the muscle and I noticed the other day that my breast was feeling sore and looked swollen. So I went to see my surgeon and... READ MORE

Hello, I had BA 3 years ago. I felt a "pull" on the outside of my breast at my chiropractor. Could something have torn?

I was just at my chiropractor 2 weeks ago and felt a "pull" on the outside of by breast during the adjustment. Could something have torn and should I... READ MORE

I have a pulled or torn chest muscle or something that happened over a year ago. Should I not get implants under the muscle?

Over a year ago I pulled my arm back to get my dog and when I did I felt something pop and I literally hit the floor it hurt so bad. It was really... READ MORE

Does this look infected? 5 weeks post-op. (photo)

I am 5-weeks post breast augmentation. I think I tore my incision open by stretching too far 72hrs ago. Should I put antibiotic cream on this? I am... READ MORE

5 days post op BA right side feels tight up top is this normal? (photos)

Hello, I am 5 days post of BA I had 365 under muscle HP implants. I have had minimal pain and have stopped taken pain meds day 3 but today my right... READ MORE

Muscle torn from working out? Can it be repaired? (Photo)

I heard a pop noise while doing yoga (advanced) two months after surgery. My body flushed with heat and I laid down. Within 24 hours my perfect boob... READ MORE

Could I have torn the muscle over my implant in a traumatic wake board wreck?

My silicone breast implants are 6 years old. I took a hard wake boarding wreck 8 days ago and have since been in significant pain. The pain is burning... READ MORE

4 weeks post op! Think I tore an internal suture after working out! What should I do?

I am 4 weeks post op from having the dr go back in and put more saline in my left breast to fix asymmetry as well as do internal sutures to my rib and... READ MORE

It is possible to tear a muscle over an implant?

About a week ago my son and I were playing and he fell full weight into the side of my left implant. Since then I have been very sore on that side and... READ MORE

Is it easy for new implants to tear?

I don't have photos because I'm worried about the inside of my boob. I got my breast augmentation last week 11/8. And today is 11/15. I took my dog... READ MORE

5 wks post op Breast augmentation, I have a sharp pain behind nipple & feels like I tore muscle in right implant.Any suggestion?

A sharp stabbing then burning pain in my pec muscle between my breast and my armpit would wake me up and shoots into my nipple area.feel like I was... READ MORE

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