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Lower Pole Fullness?

I am 5 1/2 weeks post op from a BA. 475cc silicone under the muscle in one breast and 450cc silicone under the muscle in the other. I am still swollen... READ MORE

10 weeks post op, fear I may have snoopy deformity or early Capsular Contracture, Maybe implant needs to drop? (Photo)

I got 500cc high profile silicone under muscle, I did not have any sagging whatsoever so Im scared I may have snoopy deformity on my left breast since... READ MORE

Do petite skinny girls have to get high profile breast implants?

I'm 5ft tall & 95lbs. I have cohesive gel high profiles. I need a 3rd revision bc my left keeps bottoming out and I have a dent on that breast that... READ MORE

My nipples are too high, what can I do to fix this? (Photo)

I feel my nipples are too high. I don't feel confortable wearing a swimsuit bc I feel like my nipples are going to pop out. I was a 32b before and I... READ MORE

Healing normally for 3 day post op of lift and augmentation? (Photo)

3 days ago I had an anchor lift and 475 CC silicone implants placed completely below the muscle. I know swelling happens and the implants should drop... READ MORE

My Breast Implant Pocket Seems to Be Created Too High. Can This Be Corrected?

I had a breast augmentation procedure eight weeks ago; silicone mod plus profile 350cc under the muscle. Since day one my right breast was the one... READ MORE

8 mos. post augmentation. Implants sitting too high. Should I wait or have a revision? 375cc HP silicone unders (Photo)

8 mos. post -op with 375cc HP implants, silicone, unders, with lollipop lift..implants haven't "settled" and are still sitting "too" high. PS says I... READ MORE

Do I need revision surgery due to implant positioned too high? 300cc saline HP under muscle (Photo)

Hi I had BA surgery 6 weeks ago. 350cc saline HP under the muscle. Going from an A cup to a full C - small D cup. After a very painful recovery... READ MORE

Implants too high and very hard after 1 month. Are they going to drop more than this? (Photo)

Hi, i got my BA exactly 1 month ago.i find them very high and hard. I saw my breast dropping alot between post day 1 and week 3, but after that they... READ MORE

Is it normal to have implants riding high and squarish shaped 4 days post op?

Is my breast augmentation going look more normal or should I be worried? READ MORE

Are my breasts bottoming out or my nipples are located too high and close to midline? (Photo)

9 months s/p mastopexy. Bra doesn't cover my nipples fully when my breasts come together (in a bra nipples are about 5-6 inches apart). I am not sure... READ MORE

Nipples too low? Pocket too high? (Photo)

I was originally a 32A cup, 5 ft 4,5, 123,5 pounds, and got 350cc (left) 375cc (right) moderate silicone implants. I am almost 3 days post up and... READ MORE

Wanted to be a D Cup? Is Right implant too high (Photo)

I am 5'3 107lbs and I had 385cc HP Silicone under the muscle done 2 weeks ago. I was a saggy B preop. Breast fed 1 child. I know it's too early to... READ MORE

To high and square (photo)

I had a submuscular 390 cc high profile textured silicone implant a week ago. They are sitting to high right now and my old breast tissue is in the... READ MORE

5 months post op. Are my implants too high is a revision needed? (Photo)

I have anatomical textured high profile 310 implants at the end of last august. From the side to me they look odd as though they are too high, I have... READ MORE

Are my breasts too high for 7 weeks post op? (Photo)

Had a breast augmentation March 16 it has been about 7 weeks my breast are still really high I was told not to use a strap been massaging like he... READ MORE

Was my breast aug misplaced? They are hard, no volume at the bottom, nipples are very low, and breasts are high (Photo)

Need help.. I'm a 390cc filled to a 400cc 8months post opI know right they are there with a toe truck right now the tailgate back bumper back seat all... READ MORE

How long will it take my implants to soften up and drop?

I just had 650cc saline TUBA under the muscle this past Wednesday February 19. My implants are currently sitting pretty high on my chest, they hard... READ MORE

High Incision Scars and Hypertrophic Scarring, What Can I Do? (photo)

Im 5 months post op snd my incisions look to high on breasts. And my inscions are still red and look raised and noticable and the incisions are... READ MORE

1 week post breast implants and very desperate! My breast looks fake. (photos)

Will it ever look natural?? Its super high and youb almost can tell where the implants are its very defined not looking like a boob -"at all!! Will my... READ MORE

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