Too High + Breast Augmentation

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Lower Pole Fullness?

I am 5 1/2 weeks post op from a BA. 475cc silicone under the muscle in one breast and 450cc silicone under the muscle in the other. I am still swollen... READ MORE

Do petite skinny girls have to get high profile breast implants?

I'm 5ft tall & 95lbs. I have cohesive gel high profiles. I need a 3rd revision bc my left keeps bottoming out and I have a dent on that breast that... READ MORE

10 weeks post op, fear I may have snoopy deformity or early Capsular Contracture, Maybe implant needs to drop? (Photo)

I got 500cc high profile silicone under muscle, I did not have any sagging whatsoever so Im scared I may have snoopy deformity on my left breast since... READ MORE

My nipples are too high, what can I do to fix this? (Photo)

I feel my nipples are too high. I don't feel confortable wearing a swimsuit bc I feel like my nipples are going to pop out. I was a 32b before and I... READ MORE

Healing normally for 3 day post op of lift and augmentation? (Photo)

3 days ago I had an anchor lift and 475 CC silicone implants placed completely below the muscle. I know swelling happens and the implants should drop... READ MORE

My Breast Implant Pocket Seems to Be Created Too High. Can This Be Corrected?

I had a breast augmentation procedure eight weeks ago; silicone mod plus profile 350cc under the muscle. Since day one my right breast was the one... READ MORE

8 mos. post augmentation. Implants sitting too high. Should I wait or have a revision? 375cc HP silicone unders (Photo)

8 mos. post -op with 375cc HP implants, silicone, unders, with lollipop lift..implants haven't "settled" and are still sitting "too" high. PS says I... READ MORE

Do I need revision surgery due to implant positioned too high? 300cc saline HP under muscle (Photo)

Hi I had BA surgery 6 weeks ago. 350cc saline HP under the muscle. Going from an A cup to a full C - small D cup. After a very painful recovery... READ MORE

Implants too high and very hard after 1 month. Are they going to drop more than this? (Photo)

Hi, i got my BA exactly 1 month ago.i find them very high and hard. I saw my breast dropping alot between post day 1 and week 3, but after that they... READ MORE

Wanted to be a D Cup? Is Right implant too high (Photo)

I am 5'3 107lbs and I had 385cc HP Silicone under the muscle done 2 weeks ago. I was a saggy B preop. Breast fed 1 child. I know it's too early to... READ MORE

Is it normal to have implants riding high and squarish shaped 4 days post op?

Is my breast augmentation going look more normal or should I be worried? READ MORE

High Incision Scars and Hypertrophic Scarring, What Can I Do? (photo)

Im 5 months post op snd my incisions look to high on breasts. And my inscions are still red and look raised and noticable and the incisions are... READ MORE

Please help! I just got my ba on March 24, 2014. What cup size will I be and will they ever drop?

I just got my breast augmentation done on March 24th 2014. I was a 34 very small b bordering a and I got the Naturelle style 20 high profile silicone... READ MORE

5 months post op. Are my implants too high is a revision needed? (Photo)

I have anatomical textured high profile 310 implants at the end of last august. From the side to me they look odd as though they are too high, I have... READ MORE

Was my breast aug misplaced? They are hard, no volume at the bottom, nipples are very low, and breasts are high (Photo)

Need help.. I'm a 390cc filled to a 400cc 8months post opI know right they are there with a toe truck right now the tailgate back bumper back seat all... READ MORE

Nipples too low? Pocket too high? (Photo)

I was originally a 32A cup, 5 ft 4,5, 123,5 pounds, and got 350cc (left) 375cc (right) moderate silicone implants. I am almost 3 days post up and... READ MORE

Are my breasts too high for 7 weeks post op? (Photo)

Had a breast augmentation March 16 it has been about 7 weeks my breast are still really high I was told not to use a strap been massaging like he... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation 6 months, are my implants too high? (photo)

I have 340cc silicone implants, under the muscle, periaerolar incision, they look way better then they did the last months, but i was told my nipples... READ MORE

Did my surgeon fulfill my expectations? Are my areolas too high? Do I have enough upper pole? I'm unhappy with results (Photo)

My surgeon, his partner surgeon and their fellow spent a great deal of time listening to my breast implant size desire. I brought in photos of what I... READ MORE

How long will it take my implants to soften up and drop?

I just had 650cc saline TUBA under the muscle this past Wednesday February 19. My implants are currently sitting pretty high on my chest, they hard... READ MORE

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