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How do tissue expanders fix the shape of tubular breasts?

Hi I have tubular breasts and plan on getting them fixed. I have seen a plastic surgeon and she has said they can be fixed with or without tissue... READ MORE

Can you get a skin rash from a tissue extender?

My tissue extender on my left breast has been in for 4 months and is ready to be removed and replaced with my implant. I developed a slight skin rash... READ MORE

Breast lift and Breast Implant, or breast lift and tissue expansion for tuberous breasts? (Photo)

Hi, I went to second plastic surgeon today & he suggested a Breast Lift and a small round breast implant (i think ending with a b cup or so). He did... READ MORE

What To Expect With Tissue Expander As Far As Pain and Placement?

I am almost done with my TE fills after BMX in May. The pain requires Hydrocodone and Valium regularly. The expanders dig into my armpits, are very... READ MORE

Could the Brava system help with my tuberous shape? (Photo)

I have read suggestions on this website stating that the Brava system can help tuberous breasts through tissue expansion. This has been said regarding... READ MORE

Two-stage Augmentation Vs Dual-function Device?

Could someone speak on the tradeoffs of doing a two-stage augmentation (tissue expander and later actual implants), compared to a single augmentation... READ MORE

Implant rippling after only three weeks post-op. What can be done to correct?

I had a bilateral nipple sparing mastectomy with tissue expanders that were exchanged three weeks ago for Mentor round moderate profile silicone... READ MORE

What causes the stitches to split? Could it be it was not stitched up correctly in the first place?

I was at the end of my reconstruction and had my implant surgery. Everything looked great for the first 2 weeks, then the stitches on the right side... READ MORE

Can an individual undergo Riggotomies of the breast without AFT?

If a person with mild breast constriction wanted to use an external tissue expander (Brava) and RIGGOTOMIES (sorry caps) to treat their constriction,... READ MORE

Are tissue expanders typically used to correct uneven breasts?

I recently had a consultation with a plastic surgeon about my asymmetrical breasts. My right is about 2 cup sizes smaller than my left. The surgeon... READ MORE

I had unilateral mastectomy with tissue expander. Currently expanded to 480 cc. Will this give desired outcome? (photos)

Is it possible to have volume I desire based on having 240 cc removed and 480 cc put back? I am 5'3" and weigh between 125-130 pounds with medium frame. READ MORE

If you had capsular contracture in the past, will it return again with breast implants?

I had a bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction tissue expanders. One side my stitches split open before leaving the hospital and was sent... READ MORE

Help my fix my breast reduction mistake from 17 years ago (Photo)

I want the size DD at least, fullness, and my nipples to point naturally down. I look so fake and I cant wear anything low cut with out popping out.... READ MORE

I have tuberous breasts. Would I need a tissue expander to fix my smaller breast? I'd like to be a small D cup (Photo)

I was told by one doctor I would need a tissue expander while another told me I wouldn't trying to get more advice! READ MORE

Tissue expander & drain? (Photo)

After 4 breast surgeries in 8 months...I finally have a tissue expander, I had my first fill & everything appears fine with the exception of my drain... READ MORE

My size is 5'1 and 120 lbs petite frame, do I need tissue expanders and is 350/ 400 cc too much for my petite frame? (photo)

3 months ago I had silicone implants 300 cc 6 weeks after had to have them removed due to holes in the incision with exposed implant the doctor is... READ MORE

I have allergan 133 ms 700 cc tissue expander. Do they have to fill to 700 cc ?

I was wondering do they have to fill to 700 cc did not think I wanted to be that big... Looking to be a small c cup.. Before mastectomy I was a 44 dd ... READ MORE

Any suggestions for tuberous breast?

If I had tuberous breast deformity and then got tissue expanders and eventually put in implants I got my implants in at 18 years old and then another... READ MORE

Is the pain normal or could I have an infection?

Hi, seven days ago I had surgery to correct my tubular breast deformity. I had tissue expanders and the incisions were made under my breast. The... READ MORE

Currently have Polypropylene string breast implants w/ estimated 175,000cc each. What can I do to further enlarge them? (photo)

The nature of these now banned implants is to continuously grow over time. Yet I haven't had any measurable growth in about a year, but would still... READ MORE

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