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Can I use breast tightening cream before marriage? I don't want to enlarge my breasts

Hi i am going to married after 1 month but i want 2 tighten my brest not enlarger my skin loose naturally but i also want 2 know that is there any... READ MORE

5 days post op, my breast tighten up after augmentation. Is this normal?

I'm 5 days post op (augmentation 425cc unders) and my breast tighten up really hard sometimes. It feels like milk letting down when breast feeding. Is... READ MORE

Is it normal for one breast to still feel "tighter" than the other?

I had a lift with augmentation on 6/16. 415cc high profile under the muscle. Last week my doctor said i could stop wearing my compression band every... READ MORE

Can someone please explain what the "popcorn" method is for closing a pocket in a breast augmentation?

In a BA without any issues other then pockets too wide (implants fall onto sides when lying on back) what options are there for fixing this?? What is... READ MORE

8 weeks post op breast augmentation and my right breast is tighter than the left. How do I fix this?

I am 8 weeks post op from my breast augmentation and I am still following the no exercise, still sleeping on my back, and still wearing a sports bra.... READ MORE

Am I Being Too Much of a Perfectionist with my Breasts Following Surgery to Correct Asymmetry? (photo)

6 yrs ago when I was 20 I had my L breast reduced and my R breast lifted to correct asymmetry. L breast was a D and right breast was a B. I now love... READ MORE

Do I have tuberous breasts? (Photo)

I'm 18 and i've noticed they've looked like this for as long as I can remember. I would like to eventually get surgery to correct them someday but I... READ MORE

Constricted breasts, what are the best options for me to have a more round shape and what implant size/profile? (photo)

I am 24 years old, 5'2 and 100lbs. I have been wanting breast augmentation for the longest time in hopes that I could achieve a more round full look.... READ MORE

What would help me not hate them anymore? (Photo)

I hate my boobs. I hate them and have been wanting to get them fixed for a long time now. It may be extensive but based on my pictures alone what... READ MORE

Keyhole Vertical Incision Not Extended to Mammary Fold?

10 days post surgery. Augmentation with keyhole lift. Noticed sagging and a squarish shape below the nipple. The vertical incision not to mammary fold... READ MORE

What exactly makes breasts tuberous and what are the different types? Can breasts become tuberous over time? (photo)

I've been told my pre-op breasts are somewhat "tuberous" but they don't look like most I've seen. While they are widely spaced with tight creases,... READ MORE

Rapid Capsular Contracture and Revision Recurrence?

I had my BA and lollipop lift in Feb 2012. My results were a dream. I have now noticed tightening in my right breast. I have 200cc left and 175 cc... READ MORE

Sudden PAINFUL left breast! Within a weeks time. Breastfeeding but mastitis ruled out sudden hardening and tightening of implant

Awoke with soreness on my LB.Thoughts of my 6mo babys feeding habits.Pain got worse so went to urgent care & treated for mastitis.Days later horrible... READ MORE

Should I have a revision following mastopexy? (Photo)

The surgeon who performed my mastopexy now recommends performing a revision to: a) tighten skin in the lower poles; and b) remove puffiness in the... READ MORE

Are my my silicone implants placed too high? (Photos)

Thanks for all the replies to my previous post. I am now including pre-op photos as well as 1 month post-op photos. My doctor's plan is to see how... READ MORE

Any suggestions for animation deformity? (photos)

Is it normal to have so much pain a year later. Also if I tighten my chest it appears the implant gets stuck up above my musle which in turn causes a... READ MORE

Bottoming out after capsular contracture. With the capsule tighten and the implant raise up? (photo)

I had a capsular contracture in my right breast. I had surgery to fix it 2 weeks ago. That breast is now lower than the other. I went to see my... READ MORE

Can losing weight make skin tighter and uncomfortable around implants?

I had my BA in May, saline implants 350 cc's overfilled to 550. Over past few months I've lost about 15 pounds making me 5'2 1/2 about 130 pounds... READ MORE

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