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Safe Limits Regarding General Anesthesia for Multiple Cosmetic Surgery Procedures?

I am considering getting a MACS lift with Pixel and Erbium laser for acne scars as well as Breast Augmentation on the same day. I wanted to get... READ MORE

Traveling After Breast Augmentation and Liposuction?

I'm considering having breast augmentation and liposuction of the flanks, thighs and abdomen at the beginning of November. How long until I can travel... READ MORE

Estimated Surgery Time for Breast Augmentation and Thigh Liposuction?

I have had one surgeon and they said 2 hours and another said 4 hrs. I am wondering why such a difference? I am nervous about anesthesia. I have two... READ MORE

Do fat enhancing creams and pills actually work?

I want bigger thighs and breasts but I don't want surgery. I've heard good reviews for certain products like "get thick" and I'm just wondering if... READ MORE

Swelling in the stomach following a breast augmentation. Is this normal? Is there anything I can do?

I just had a breast augmentation a week ago, the swelling of my breasts is not my concern as I know with time they'll settle but since the surgery I'm... READ MORE

Getting Breast Implants and Inner/outer Thigh Liposuction Performed Together?

I'd really like to get both of these procedures. Will getting them together typically cut costs (I know that this will likely vary depending on... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation, Liposuction and Smooth Tuck - Safe to Get Three Procedures at the Same Time?

Is it safe to get these three procedures at the same time to save on cost: breast augmentation,liposuction on inner/backs of thighs, smooth tuck; or... READ MORE

Is it safe to have a Breast Lift with augmentation, Tummy Tuck, and Liposuction on thighs at the same time?

I'm scheduled for a mommy makeover (breast lift with augmentation and tummy tuck) in December. The last couple of weeks I've been toying with the idea... READ MORE

Is 500cc mod+ too big for me? (photos)

I asked this question already but didn't include enough detail. I'm 5'8", 185lbs, 36-38B. I carry most of my weight in my hips, butt and thighs so I'm... READ MORE

Is it okay for me to get a tattoo before my BA?

My BA is scheduled for March 18th, I was wanting to get a small tattoo this weekend, but my PS isn't open this weekend to call and ask. If I did get a... READ MORE

Can I achieve a pleasant result with just fat transfer and a donut lift of the nipples? Thanks! (photos)

Am I a good candidate for fat transfer to the breast and a donut lift of the nipples? I am changing my mind about getting implants altogether..... READ MORE

Breast augmentation together with thigh and buttock liposuction - too much at the same time?

I'm thinking of combining these in order to have one set of anastesia and one recovery period. Would you consider this to be too ambitious? I am 41yrs... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about stretch marks after breast augmentation?

I plan on getting a breast augmentation but I super concerned about developing stretch marks. When I hit puberty I developed a large amount of stretch... READ MORE

What are my options for enlargement, correction of asymmetry & tuberous of my breasts? Also, can I eradicate cellulite? (photo)

Age: 25 years Sex: Female Weight: 140 pounds Height: 5'6 No health problems. Requests: seeking larger, rounder breasts. Additionally, I'm interested... READ MORE

Breast aug. and inner/outer thigh

Had Breast lift-Stomach lipo-tummy tuck 2008 lost 40 lbs, I'm 5"2 , 105 pounds. NO Intention to get fat.I'll do what I have 2 do to stay young . had... READ MORE

I have had 4 c-sections. I weigh 118 lbs 5'3 tall. My breast sag, stretch marks, and excess lower belly skin & fat. (Photos)

I workout a lot. My stomach just won't change and I like the size of my breast just need lift. Stretch marks don't bother me too much except on my... READ MORE

I want five different surgeries done, is it possible to get it all done at once?

I want breast augmentation, loose skin removed from weight loss(stomach, thighs, and arms), and Brazilian butt lift... is it possible ? READ MORE

Is it too early for BA and inner thigh liposuction?

I had. A BA 6months ago is it too soon? Will it be more painful? My surgeon claims he can do implants in 20 mins is this possible?? Is it possible... READ MORE

Breast implant surgery and a thigh tattoo on the same month??

Recently I am prospecting a breast implant surgery. The PS offered me to perform the surgery in december, and I think it is a good time for recovery.... READ MORE

I am scheduled to have a BA and Liposuction of thigh area in 2 weeks. I have a history of deep vein thrombosis?

I am scheduled to have a BA and Liposuction of thigh area in 2 weeks. I have deep vein thrombosis and wondering what the risks are that I develop... READ MORE

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