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Do I Have Congenital Symmastia?

My breasts are naturally really close together and they feel webbed toward the bottom. I have NO cleavage! Do I have congenital symmastia? Is there a... READ MORE

What Can I Do About Raised/Stretched Skin Above the Sternum? (Photos)

I am post op 6 days currently and I am very concerned about the skin between my breasts. It is extremely stretched, tight, and rasied. Is there... READ MORE

I Don't Have Symmastia but Still Looks Like Uniboob. Any Method to Restore my Skin Tissue? (photo)

After surgery(June)my doctor said i have symmastia so I wore the thongbra.Now standing upright it’s perfect but if my breasts are getting lift... READ MORE

I had anatomical unders implants 9 weeks ago and I feel they are too close. Do I Have Symmastia?

When i lie down they seperate to about 3 finger width gap but when sat up i can fit a finger but feel i can push the area down, its as if the skin... READ MORE

I Had BA Surgery One Year Ago and Ended Up with Symmastia, Severe Muscle Distortion and Possibly Bottoming Out - Any Advice?

Pre-Op I was a very small 32AA-left breast was smaller and higher than the right. Post-Op 32C-300 cc saline submuscular. Nervous for revisionary... READ MORE

Symmastia: How Can I Separate my Breasts?

I was born with symmastia. I never done any breast surgery or any surgery before in my life. I'm doing some research and look at a few pictures... READ MORE

I Naturally Have Close Cleavage, Will I Get Symmastia if I Get a Boob Job? (photo)

Im thinking about going 450cc HP, if i push on the skin in between my boobs, it kinda springs back at me, im just worried that if i get a boob job i... READ MORE

Synmastia or Just Really Close Cleavage? (photo)

I'm 6 weeks post op today.I went to my cosmetic surgeon (yes consmetic:( wish I had used a board certified PS now) yesterday because I was afraid... READ MORE

Are my Boobs Too Close Together to Get 450 Ccs? (photo)

Im about a full B right now, the middle of my chest feels like its cushioned and not just straight bone! will i get symmastia if i go under the muscle... READ MORE

Tenting 2 Weeks After Symmastia Repair? (photo)

I am two weeks PO after a symmastia repair & wanted to know if tenting is normal and will it go away in time? My PS did not supply me with a thong... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wear the Thongbra After Symmastia Repair?

Hi, I had my symmastia repair 8 weeks ago. I wear my thongbra 24/7. I am wondering when it will be ok for me to only wear it at night. Thank you. READ MORE

Skin Lifted off Sternum Between Breasts? (photo)

I had BA over 4 mos ago and the skin was very tight/lifted between my breasts. I was a small A prior to surgery, so figured my skin needed time to... READ MORE

Am I Developing Symmastia 5 Years Post Breast Augmentation?

I had a breast augmentation about 5 years ago, and never had much breast tissue to begin with pre-op as I am very thin. 5 years down the road, I feel... READ MORE

Do I Have Symmastia or is It Just Tenting? My Skin Between my Implants Feels Slightly Raised! (photo)

Hi, I had my breast enhancement last October having 300cc subglandulars. I went to see my surgeon who said that I do not have a true symmastia saying... READ MORE

Age 21, 116 lbs, with 300cc gummy bear implants. 2 1/2 months since operation. Capsular contracture? Maybe symmestia? (photos)

1: I fear that I might have a minor case of the "uniboob", because whenever I wear a push up bra, I don't get cleavage, my implants just come closer... READ MORE

Symmastia? (photo)

I'm 4 weeks post-op. HP 300cc silicone unders. One pic is 3-4 days post-op, the other is ~3.5 wk post-op. Would this be considered symmastia? I can... READ MORE

Procedure to Fix Natural Symmastia?

I have natural Symmastia. Its not the muscle, just skin that allows no cleavage line. There's not any fat underneath, my skin is just not... READ MORE

Does Symmastia Get Worse over Time? or During/after Pregnancy?

I got breast implants 5 years ago and I have very small symmastia, I am planning to have a baby maybe in one or two years but I would like to know if... READ MORE

455cc, Silicone Implants, 11.2cm Large: Do I Have Symmastia? (photo)

Hi, I'm very anxious about my breast augmentation result. I was operated in april 29, 2013 with 455cc implants in silicone with 11,2 cm large (my... READ MORE

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