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How Soon Can I Swim After BA? Is 3 Wks Enough Time?

I have a BA scheduled for June 27 and a vacation planned on July 19th. I am worried that this will not be enough time to heal properly and have a good... READ MORE

Can I Be Immersed in Water 2 Weeks After Breast Augmentation?

Can i go into a natural Spring 2 weeks after Breast Augmentation surgery without getting an infection? It wouldn't be salt water, it would be natural... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Swim 5 weeks After Breast Augmentation?

I had breast augmentation 2weeks ago and am just wondering if 5weeks is long enough for healing that I can swim while on vacation in October. READ MORE

How soon can I go in a hot tub after Breast Augmentation?

I am going to be getting my augmentation in 2 weeks now and for me its that time of year that the lake and water is going to be a huge part of my... READ MORE

How Long After Breast Implant Surgery (Subglandular, Peroaeriolar) Can I Swim in the Ocean?

My surgery is scheduled for about 5 weeks before I go on vacation. My incision will be peri-aeriolar and I will be getting over the muscle implants READ MORE

How Long After Breast Augmentation Can I Got to the Beach?

I had my BA 5 days (2nd of January) ago and I previously booked a cruise for the 2nd of February so it will be a moth after my BA and I'm curious to... READ MORE

SCUBA Diving After Breast Augmentation

I had silicone breast implants placed 2.5 weeks ago via infra mammary incisions. When if ever, can I resume SCUBA diving? Any depth limitations? READ MORE

Is It Okay To Go Swimming in the Ocean 5.5 Weeks Post BA And A String From the Stitch is Visible?

I had breast augmentation 5 1/2 weeks ago and the incision looks perfectly closed but at the end of the incision I can feel a tiny piece of thread. Is... READ MORE

When can I go swimming or sit in a hot tub? Can I go sit in a sauna?

It's been exactly three weeks as of today since I had my breast augmentation surgery. My scars are healing well, the stitches are still visible on the... READ MORE

What can I cover my incisions with to swim in the ocean at 3 weeks post op BA?

I will be at 3 weeks post op from a breast augmentation when I go on vacation. I've read a few question/answers related to swimming and the time frame... READ MORE

Breast Augementation Recovery Practices, Which is Better.

I am trying to decide which doctor to go with for my breast augmentation. Both doctors that I am looking at are the same except for their recovery... READ MORE

Can I go swimming in the Ocean 4 weeks after breast augmentation?

My wounds have healed and The strips have been taken off; I can see the incisions. So, I was just wondering if 4 weeks is enough to go back into the... READ MORE

I am 5 and half months out. I've had open wounds one after the other from sutures spitting out. When can I go swimming? (Photo)

I have no current infection just an open wound because my doctor thinks my body does not like the sutures. I've had about 10 open wounds from sutures... READ MORE

Can I go into the ocean two weeks after implants - sub muscular, periareolar incision?

I am getting implants on November 2nd. I have a trip to Costa Rica booked November 15-21. Will I be able to go into the ocean or a swimming pool?... READ MORE

After getting a breast augmentation, would it be safe to swim on the cruise ship's pool and in the ocean?

I plan on getting a breast augmentation June 5 and I leave for a seven-day Caribbean cruise on June 27. READ MORE

Training for IRONMAN. Swimming after breast augmentation? (photos)

I got 325cc breast implants 14 days ago. I am looking at getting back into training for IRONMAN. I am most nervous about swimming/ running and my... READ MORE

How long after a breast augmentation can you go swimming?

I have seen 2 different plastic surgeons and 1 said 2 weeks after a breast augmentation you can go swimming and the other said you have to wait 6... READ MORE

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