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Are my puffy nipples unusual? What surgery can fi them? (photos)

Okay well I've always been a little self conscious about my nipples because the whole aerola is puffy. This makes them seem really large. They do look... READ MORE

My girlfriend used to be fat and her boobs & nipples shrink after a lose weight surgery, is it normal? (photos)

My gf used to be fat and her boobs and nipples get smaller after a surgery she have did to lose weight and the nipples & areola get darker and shrink... READ MORE

Why are all breasts so shiny after breast augmentation?

Any Breast augmentation , including mine, that I have seen all the breasts have a shiny "coat" to them that goes away a week or two after. READ MORE

Is there a chance that my surgeon could return my deposit after I cancelled my BA surgery?

I scheduled my BA ... But cancelled due to the fact that I felt 80% comfortable with my surgeon but not 100% comfortable. He I put down a deposit. Is... READ MORE

Vaginal piercing and day of surgery - What should I do?

I have a VCH (vaginal clit piercing) and I wanted to know if I can keep my ring in during surgery. If not would a plastic retainer be ok? I do not... READ MORE

Surgical bra too tight? (photos)

I have not taken off the surgical bra since my BA. It was unbelievably tight so I loosened it last night. It left indents in my chest. I'm still... READ MORE

Wedding 5 days after breast augmentation?

I'm hoping to have my surgery on a Monday, however I'm supposed to be going to a wedding the following Saturday (5 days later). Is this too ambitious... READ MORE

Shoulder Dislocation After Augmentation: How Long Until I Can Have Shoulder Surgery?

I had a breast augmentation 2 months ago. I love my results. A week ago, I dislocated my shoulder. It popped back in but hurt for a few days. My ortho... READ MORE

Can breast growth abnormalities occur after open heart surgery?

I had open heart surgery when I was 18 months old. The scar is horizontal just under my chest. I am now 18 years old and my breasts havent really... READ MORE

Hematoma after breast augmentation: normal to have size difference after?

I had my breast augmentation a week ago and had to go to the operating room to drain a lot of blood two days after my surgery, due to hematoma on my... READ MORE

Is it ok to do plastic surgeries when I have mirena coil inserted?

I know that you have to stop taking birth pills before surgeries but what about mirena coil? I will insert it soon but Im planning to do breast... READ MORE

Surgery Only Solution for Addressing Breast Shape?

I'm 22 years old and I'm happy with my breast size and shape when my nipples are "erect" or when cold. But when its not, my areola is quite large, my... READ MORE

Advice for a 14 year old girl with uneven breasts. Is there any surgery or medication I can get to help?

I have one a cup and one c cup. The larger one always hurts and is seemingly getting bigger. Last year I had two b cups. I don't understand why one is... READ MORE

How Soon is Too Soon to Have a Breast Augmentation After Having a Foot/ankle Ligament & Cartilage Repair Surgery?

I want to make sure I'm giving my body enough time to heal but now is a great time to my BA! My ankle surgery was 8 wks ago. According to my physical... READ MORE

Blue veins are very noticeable after BA. Will they go away?

I'm 2.5 weeks post op. And the veins on my chest are so bad I cry every time I look in the mirror. Im covered, and they've gotten worse in the last... READ MORE

What grade of tuberous breast am I? (Photos)

I'm quite confident I have tuberous breasts but do not know what grade this would be. I am wondering because I am looking at having surgery to correct... READ MORE

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