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How Do I Find the Best Breast Augmentation Surgeon?

Considering breast augmentation.  who does the best quality cosmetic surgery? READ MORE

Breast Augmentation by a Board Certified General Surgeon?

Here is the deal. I have been referred to a surgeon by a very good friend of mine. HER friend just recently got her breasts done by this doctor and... READ MORE

Is there a chance that my surgeon could return my deposit after I cancelled my BA surgery?

I scheduled my BA ... But cancelled due to the fact that I felt 80% comfortable with my surgeon but not 100% comfortable. He I put down a deposit. Is... READ MORE

Three Different PS, Three Different BWD Measurements. I Am So Confused!

Though each of these surgeons came within a cm or less of each other's measurements, the varied results have left me puzzled. The first said my... READ MORE

Water/Watery blood comes out of my stitches after three weeks from breast augmentation. Is this normal?

It is not pus, does not smell bad. My breasts are the same size, no hardness, normal color. However, this watery blood just wont stop flowing since 5... READ MORE

Can the Plastic Surgeon Cause Capsular Contracture by His or Her Surgical Technique?

I was told this by a plastic surgeon "The bottom line is that if your surgeon tells you that CC is something that happens and cannot be predicted... READ MORE

Changing my surgeon and need a full refund, am I entitled to it?

I booked a breast augmentation with a non-board certified surgeon (oops) in New York for March 21st. They told me to book an appointment I needed to... READ MORE

How to choose a surgeon for breast augmentation?

I'm a bit overwhelmed on how to choose a surgeon for a breast augmentation surgery that I want done this year. This would be my first breast... READ MORE

Avoiding the balloon look. Any suggestions? (photos)

I've seen alot of women who have very inflated breast (even after swelling has gone down). I understand many women like this look - but if you would... READ MORE

I have a few questions regarding breast augmentation? (Photos)

Hello I am looking to have a breast enlargement done and Iam looking to achieve a very natural and full look without looking fake. I have spoken to a... READ MORE

Already Scheduled my BA and Found out Troubling Info About my Seattle Area Surgeon. To Cancel and Lose Money or Diff Surgeon??

I live 2.5 hrs away from Seattle but know 3 people who've gone to my clinic. Surgery is scheduled for Monday and paid in cash. Googled my actual... READ MORE

Asian, female, late 30's looking for recommendations of best surgeons for Breast Augmentation.

I am located in Dallas TX and looking at exploring breast augmentation. I would love to hear from other Asians who have had this done/ any doctors to... READ MORE

Spots were scab came off and are unhealed (Photos)

I had breast augmentation with lift about 5 weeks ago. I have 2-3 small areas where the scab has come off exposing unhealed skin. Because I'm... READ MORE

Are family members working secretly in the office a conflict of interest?

After meeting my surgeon, his two office girls, booking and having surgery I do some online research to find out that the surgeon is married to one of... READ MORE

How do I choose a surgeon? Where do I even begin?

I am considering breast augmentation. This would be my first surgery ever. I'm excited yet overwhelmed. Where do I begin ? How do I choose a surgeon?... READ MORE

How to get operative records?

I had my BA 4 yrs ago I am now considering explantation. I called my pre ions surgeon to get my operative record and they informed me they no longer... READ MORE

Surgeon might not have done the whole procedure - another surgeon did one half. How can I find out who the other surgeon was?

I have reason to believe my surgeon did not do the surgery we agreed on. He let it slip that an other surgeon did it. One side of the chest turned out... READ MORE

Can I get my nipples to be at the same height without a full lift? (Photo)

I got 700cc hp implants put in 2 years ago without a lift. My surgeon did not want to put a huge implant and do a lift at the same time, so he told me... READ MORE

I'm wanting a Breast Augmentation. How do I ensure I have choose the right surgeon?

I am really wanting a BA but am having trouble deciding on weather to go to Bangkok or Phuket... Also what surgeon to go with. i am wanting the best... READ MORE

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