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Can Stretch Marks Be Improved Through Breast Augmentation?

I'm considering breast reduction, and I'm hoping that the procedure will not only improve my breast size but the stretch marks as well. I understand... READ MORE

Will Breast Implants Help Lift my Nipple and Decrease the Visual Stretch Marks?

I Absolutely hate the way my breast look! My nipples are to low for the size which are to small, especially for the size of my areola. I'm 19... READ MORE

What Causes Stretch Marks from Breast Augumentation and How Can It Be Avoided?

Although I am very happy with the size and shape of my implants, having gone from a small B to a normal C., I am too embarrased to to ever let them... READ MORE

Preventing Stretch Marks After Breast Augmentation?

I will be getting a BA soon to correct moderate boobie asymmetry. I anticipate the formation of new stretch marks. As i understand, science has not... READ MORE

How Long After Breast Surgery Can I Start Using Stretch Marks Cream or Oil?

Hi.. I am 4 days post op and I am starting to notice pink stretch marks on the upper pole and near the arm pit / side. Since I am 4 days post op, can... READ MORE

What Can I Do To Fix a Botched Breast Augmentation? (Photos)

My surgeon and i agreed upon 600CC HP implants, he implanted 600CC MP implants. The implants laterally migrated and i got severe strech marks. I went... READ MORE

Strech Marks on Breasts After Breast Augmentation: What Are my Options?

I got my breast augmentation april 22nd 2011. I was a very small A-cup before my augmentation and i got 600CC medium profile saline implants under the... READ MORE

New Stretch Marks Started Developing 2 Months Post Op Breast Augmentation. Will They Become Less Prominent? (photo)

I'm dissapointed to see some pink/purple stretch marks around the nipple area on both of my breasts. I'm two and a half months post op, though... READ MORE

Dent and Bruising/development of Stretch Marks in Augmented Breast? (photo)

I got my breasts done at the end of May. I healed fairly well with very little bruising. I got high profile round saline implants. Recently in the... READ MORE

Should I Prep my Skin with a Stretch Mark Cream Before Breast Augmentation?

Is it very common for women to end up with stretch marks as a result of BA? I bought Bio Oil and have been using it twice a day..figured it can't hurt... READ MORE

How Many CC's to Achieve This Look? (photo)

Hi there. This is my booby idol Holly Peers. Shes about a 32F. The largest ive been pre pregancy was 32DD breast feeding 34E. Im a sad deflated 32C... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation with Current Stretch Marks?

My first pregnancy left me with very bad stretch marks surrounding each of my breasts. I am currently an A cup and am interested in becoming a D. Im... READ MORE

Stretch Marks on My Breasts. What Are My Options? (photo)

I've had two kids which have destroyed my breasts. The sad part is that in spite of having a 6 pack and being quite pretty, my breast make me feel... READ MORE

Help! Are These Stretch Marks After Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I had a BA (330cc) 9 weeks ago. It's not clear to see in the picture but I have dark red purple lines on my breasts which have been there for over 3... READ MORE

Are My Breasts Tubular, Do I Need Augmentation W/lift (photo)?

I am 32 years old and have had odd looking breasts since puberty. I small stretch marks on my boobs when they went from an A to a very small B. I... READ MORE

Can breast tissue that has herniated into the areola (puffy tubular nipples) be fixed without surgery? (Photo)

Hi i have tubular breasts. They arent as serious as others ive seen online but there is herniation. I am good with the shape of the breast & size of... READ MORE

Breast Lift or Lift & Implants? (photo)

Please help me make a decision on what the best outcome will be... I have had several consultations but still undecided.. Silicone or Saline? CC? Lift... READ MORE

Lanolin for Stretch Marks? (photo)

I had a breast augmentation almost 8 months ago. I went from 34A to 34DD and didn't have enough breast tissue to begin with. I know that stretch marks... READ MORE

Is it normal to have stretch marks and saggy boobs at 12 years of age?

I started developing at 10 and it really hard to find a bra size I have many stretch marks around my breasts and they look deflated my breasts have... READ MORE

I Have White and Silver Stretch Marks on my Breast and Did Breast Augmentation, Saline, Years Ago. Anything Good to Treat?

I Have White and Silver Stretch Marks on my Breast and Did Breast Augmentation, Saline, Years Ago. Anything Good to Treat? READ MORE

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