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Staph Infection after Breast Augmentation?

I underwent Breast Augmentation a year ago. I was fine until i fell backwards while walking. My left breast swelled up, and it felt hot and painful. I... READ MORE

Staph Aureus 4 Weeks Post-op Breast Augmentation. What Are the Chances of Losing my Implant? (photo)

I am 4 weeks post-op remove & replace saline to silicone. A week ago I was lifting my child & felt a severe pain in my left breast with... READ MORE

My Doctor Thinks my Implant is Infected with Staph. How Can Staph Get Inside an Implant?

Submuscular breast augmentation 10yrs ago, bottomed out, had 2nd surgery w/in 6mths(implants placed over muscle). 3yrs ago contracted internal staph... READ MORE

Pseudomonas and Necrosis After Breast Lift and Implant, Is there Anything That Can be Done? (photo)

Lift and Implant procedure. Nipple became black and began rotting. Skin became neucrotic leaving a large open wound on the nipple. Doctor states is is... READ MORE

Staph infection in one breast 11 months after implantation? (photo)

I have just recently had both implants removed due to one breast developing a staph infection, plus 2 other type of bacterias within the breast. I... READ MORE

Staphylococcus Aureus Treatment After 3rd Operation on my Breast

I need help. I went for new implants a couple of months ago and was diagnosed with an infection a couple of weeks later. My dr immediately booked me... READ MORE

Can a staph infection on skin spread to the implant?

I had breast aug May 2nd. A culture from my breast incision just came back positive for staph. I am on antibiotics. Is it possible for staph to spread... READ MORE

I have a medium growth staph infection appear 8 weeks post op. My question is, what is the likelihood of the implant removal?

I have had constant weeping and a small hole in my left breast since 3 weeks post op, my left breast recovered fine. 1 week ago I became very Ill and... READ MORE

Staph Aurus Infection?

Hi I had breast implants put in in Sept 11 the left side never closed, this implant was took out in Dec 2011 at no time to my knowledge were swabs... READ MORE

Is it common to get staph infection from breast implants?

I've got staph infection in one nipple. I've been on 3 lots of antibiotics and can't seem to get rid of it. I had an ultrasound and it came back all... READ MORE

Strange Staph Infection post B/A. Can you give me some advice please?

I am looking for words of advice. 2 weeks post B/A my left breast developed swelling, pain, redness and yellow odorless drainage. Culture showed Staph... READ MORE

Is there a greater risk of getting a staph infection after breast augmentation?

Is there a higher chance of getting a staph infection (hospital bacteria) after breast augmentation, if your doctor is working part-time at a hospital... READ MORE

What can I do to fix the shape and projection after my BA? (Photo)

Had 650 gels under the muscle in 2006 plus lift. Dr revised lift a year later and put my nipples up too high. I am tired of them popping out all the... READ MORE

Staph Infection on Leg?

I'm having my BA may 24th and I just found out I have a staph infection on my leg. I am being treated for it as of right now. will I have to push my... READ MORE

Possibly Misdiagnosed with serratia marcenes in breast? I think I am presenting more as Staph. (photos)

I am on bactrium however its creating holes to drain the draining is light yellow some pus but no pink or bloody?orginal wound small skin exudate... READ MORE

Any tips for preventing an infection before and after Breast augmentation surgery? (photos)

Hello doctors! So I had a breast augmentation on May 2nd this year. I developed staph infection MRSA in my left breast, took the correct antibiotics,... READ MORE

Is this retained areola normal? (Photo)

Posted a while ago with photos of what I thought was the staph infection that I got after my breast surgery. Apparently the staph is cleared up the... READ MORE

Does my incision look better now that I've seen my PS (Dennis Hurwitz, MD) in PA? (Photo)

Does incision look better now that i seen my PS( Dennis Hurwitz, MD) in PA?Late Friday. Diagnosis was staph infection from suturetrying 2push out. Was... READ MORE

I have staph infection all over my body, will this harm my breast implants?

My breasts are not in pain or swollen, but the rash has spread onto my breasts. It has been two and a half months since my breast augmentation. I've... READ MORE

What are your recommendations for optimal wound care for my incision? (Photo)

Hi there, I had breast augmentation done in Bangkok last year October 2017. Unfortunately, my right implant was removed 4 weeks post op in NZ due to a... READ MORE

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