Squeeze + Breast Augmentation

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Can your breasts shrink if you squeeze them?

I'm afraid my breasts might have shrunk from my boyfriend squeezing them. Is it possible that they can shrink from this? READ MORE

Surgeon Squeezed my Encapsulated Breast. 16 Months Post Op. Is This Ok?

16 mtg postop.Dr.said he did not like how high my right breast was sitting or howhard it felt. He was squeezing the tighter breast and told me it was... READ MORE

Vigorously massaging breast after silicone BA and was squeezing downward, heard and felt a pop. Should I be worried?

I was instructed by my PS to massage my silicone breast as hard as I could tolerate due to riding high. When squeezing downward I felt and heard a pop... READ MORE

Pain and Squeezed Feeling on Left Breast 6 months after Breast Augmentation. What's Happening?

I had BA in late December 2013, receiving 210CC saline under muscle. I went from a 34B to a 34C. Four months after surgery, I felt pain/soreness on... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Breast Aug. Post-op Massage & Capsule Squeeze Procedures?

I just want to be sure I have not been doing the wrong thing. What is the difference between breast Augmentation post-op massage and capsule squeeze... READ MORE

Textured Implants and Sex?

Two questions: Not supposed to massage textured implants (mine are dual-plane and round), so what does that mean for a partner squeezing them (hard or... READ MORE

Is it possible to squeeze too firmly during massage and causing problems after breast augmentation?

I was told to start massages today after having a breast augmentation. My right breast still hurts and it's been several hours after massage while my... READ MORE

Large, bumpy masses slightly above nipples on each breast when I squeeze them after Breast Augmentation - cancerous, or no?

I had a breast augmentation done 8 years ago (saline, sub muscular). I am currently 27 years old. For years now I have felt hard, bumpy masses on each... READ MORE

I was squeezed during a hug. Could it have caused damage? I'm only 3 weeks post op

I am 17 days post-augmentation and I was squeezed VERY hard by a large man this evening when he was hugging me. My right breast now feels sore and... READ MORE

5 Months Post Over The Muscle Implants, Pain After Squeezing, Should I Be Concerned?

I had implants over the muscle 5 months ago, last night my boyfriend squeezed them and I have great pain today.  Also there is... READ MORE

Can a women lose any or a lot of breast tissue, or have any bad side effects during sexual foreplay?

I also want to ask can a women lose any or a lot of breast tissue, or have any bad side effects, if a guy during sexual foreplay was squeezing or... READ MORE

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