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Do I Need to See a Specialist for my Tuberous Breast Augmentation?

I have consulted with and put non-refundable money down with a doctor who is a fully trained General Surgeon and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. He... READ MORE

Are implants larger than 800cc possible?

I have 700 cc saline breast implants under the muscle. I want to go bigger maybe 1400cc. I've had my implants for 17 months now. But my issue is I... READ MORE

Do I need to a specialist / surgeon that has performed a certain number of augmentations on restricted IMFs / tuberous breasts?

I lost 80 pounds and my boobs have vanished. In looking at photos, I am uncertain if I have this tuberous condition, but does a "type 1" require... READ MORE

Are breast implants an option with scar from pectus excavatum? (photos)

I was born with a concave breastbone (pectus excavatum) that required surgery as a child. Because my breasts never developed much, the scar is really... READ MORE

What are the differences between American Board of Physician Specialists & the American Board of Plastic Surgery?

What are the differences between American Board of Physician Specialists & the American Board of Plastic Surgery? What is the difference between an OD... READ MORE

Does "rapid recovery" Breast augmentation limit implant size?

I went to a consultation (2nd doctor in person, 3rd consult if you count virtual) & this doctor who specializes in rapid recovery, didn't mention a CC... READ MORE

Who is a Tubular Breast deformity specialist in Louisiana?

I'm 27 years old & looking for a plastic surgeron when can correct tubular breast deformity with breast augmentation. READ MORE

Should I look for a doctor who specializes in cases of tubular/constricted breasts? (photos)

I am considering undergoing a breast augmentation as I have always been unhappy about the shape of my breasts. I suspect they may be tuberous but have... READ MORE

Looking for a doctor who specializes in breast implants/augmentation in Philadelphia area.

I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia and I am interested in getting breast implants. I'm not quite understanding the difference between breast... READ MORE

How can I find a plastic surgeon that specializes, or at least has special interest & experience, in correcting tubular breasts?

How do you FIND tubular breast surgeons to compare online (aka focus on the condition enough to have explanations/EXs of their tubular specific body... READ MORE

Tuberous breast correction. Any suggestions?

How can I find a surgeon who specializes in Tuberous breast correction, or who has performed a lot of these cases? I know the procedures to fix this... READ MORE

Any suggestion for Board certified surgeon who specialize in Rhinoplasty and Breast augmentation in Fort Lauderdale? (photo)

Chief double board certified surgeon who willing to perform two procedure at once to improve my nose and the width between my chest with silicone... READ MORE

Any doctors in or near the Wash DC area who specialize in trans-axillary breast aug using the latest scope technologies? (photo)

I am looking for an experienced plastic surgeon who routinely performs BA through a trans-axillary incision using the latest medical scope... READ MORE

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