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Wearing a Compression Band for 6 Months After Breast Augmentation?

After surgery the doctor told me to wear something like compression band above my breast constantly for no less than 6 month… Isn’t it... READ MORE

Anatomical Vs. Round for a Protruding Chest Wall? Opinions?

5'5, 127. Tubular breast issue on the right. Also a protruding chest wall. I am a 34A now and am looking for a more full look but not very large.... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations in LA - Breast Augmentation with Cohesive Silicone Gel via Endoscopic Transaxillary?

I'm a Asian/5'4"/105 lbs/full A cup(almost no saggy), would like to have dual plane breast aumentation through the armpits to full C cup,... READ MORE

I Feel Like my 450cc Implants Are Too Large (D Cup). What are the Risks of Going Smaller?

I had my breast augmentation 3 years ago and was VERY specific that I did not want to be too large (I am 5'5" and 115). The implant size I... READ MORE

Textured Vs Smooth Under Muscle - Does It Help with Gravity?

Read that textured may help with gravity, that is that the textured vs smooth may help the implant stay in place hence less need for a lift in the... READ MORE

Textured or Smooth for Asian Known to Keloid and Scar Easily?

I am a 30 yr old asian, 5' , 86 lbs. 32aa going to a c. My dr. recommended 300 cc , silicone and textured, under the muscle. I know that I keloid... READ MORE

Can a 510-540 Smooth Saline Implant Be Inflated to 720cc?

I had my breast augmentaion a week ago. i had old ones removed my origanal implant was suppose to be 400cc. i ordered 510 -540 ccs. my goal was to... READ MORE

Normal to Have Muscle Tremors 2 Years After Breast Augmentation?

I had a breast augmentation done through my armpit using mentor smooth saline 375 cc placed under my muscle about 2 years ago. When I try to use my... READ MORE

380 Filled to 400 (12.5width) OR 450 Filled for 475 (13 Width)?

I am stuck! Im getting Breast Aug in about 2 weeks! My doctor says that I have 2 choices: 380 filled to 400 OR 450 filled to 475! I am 5'2 and 140... READ MORE

1 week post op, is my incision normal? (photos)

I went in to my one week post op appointment yesterday and after my ps removed the tape from my incision I noticed that it looks like my skin is... READ MORE

Why do I have significant rippling in cleavage area with silicone implants?

I have small, round, low profile, textured silicone implants placed in dual plane. I am thin with very little native breast tissue. I am about 2... READ MORE

What are the risks of fat grafting & muffin top lipo for double bubble and to smooth out bony chest? (photos)

1yrPO with sub muscular silicone 335cc. I had tuberous breasts so my doc lowered the fold now I have a double bubble. He said the only way to fix... READ MORE

Why is my incision not healing? (photos)

I had a BA 12 wks ago - 600cc smooth silicone, under the muscle, inframammary incision. My left breast is in the right place and the incision is... READ MORE

One Breast Way Fuller than the Other?

Had BA on Oct16,12.Notice one breast is way fuller and higher than the other.The left breast has a loose and is not quiet as fuller than the right.Had... READ MORE

3 day post op and my boobs are lopsided. (photo)

I got 350cc round smooth gel filled implant on the left and 400cc on the right .. My nipples are looking down and one is obviously bigger than the... READ MORE

When will swelling be completely gone after subglandular breast augmentation?

I was a 34 B preop and had subglandular silicone high profile smooth implants. The implants were 350 cc. To me, I do not see swelling, but I am not a... READ MORE

How much can I expect my breast size to change over the next month? (photos)

I'm one week post op from my breast augmentation and got 375 cc HP under the muscle. My recovery has been pretty smooth and painless, and my implants... READ MORE

Are textured implants better than smooth ones ?

Which one has the best rating for less complications? READ MORE

What is going on with my Breast Augmentation? (photos)

I had abreast lift/reduction & 250CC moderate smooth saline implant under the muscle for upper pole fullness. I notice the further out I get the worse... READ MORE

Would polyurethane/foam covered implants be a good choice for capsular contracture revision?

I have decided to go thru with my revision surgery. I am getting strattice. My ps suggests that I also get foam covered implants. When I felt the... READ MORE

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