Smoking Cessation + Breast Augmentation

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Can I Smoke Pot a Week Before Breast Augmentation?

Or eat it? I am a regular consumer of marijuana and don't want to take a break, but can if I have to for safety with general anesthesia. How much... READ MORE

Super Nervous for Breast Augmentation, Please Help Me?

I am really nervous about my Breast Augmentation surgery. It is scheduled for December 19, 2012. I've been smoking marijuana everyday now for about... READ MORE

Im Going for a Breast Augmentation in 7days and I Havent Stopped Smoking?

Breast Augmentation as a smoker,only down to 2 cigarettes a day. Can i proceed with surgery or what should i do? READ MORE

Worried Skin is Too Tight, Breast Are Set Too Wide, Worried Will Develop Necrosis Due to Tightness and Previous Smoking? (photo)

Had my anchor lift and aug 8/30/13 Saline implants, high profile. mild smkr pre surgery. Quit smking 7 wks pre op. otherwise healthy. Not smoked after... READ MORE

Quit smoking today before breast reduction surgery, what else can I do to keep my nipples from falling off?

I'm having breast reduction surgery in the next 4 to 6 week and I'm am so afraid after reading about nipple loss. What are some other things I can do... READ MORE

Is it true that I can get bad results if I choose saline through the pit? And must I quit smoking? (Photo)

I had my 1st consultation yesterday after wanting a ba for years.I cried the entire way home.Everything I wanted the ps shot down.She appeared to hate... READ MORE

Been Offered a Last Minute Breast Enlargement Operation. is It Too Late to Quit Smoking?

I was booked in for my operation for breast enlargement in one month so was cutting down and planned to completely quit 3weeks before surgery as... READ MORE

If I have to quit cigarettes to get breast implants can I still smoke electronic cigarettes? (Photo)

Hi my is sabreen im getting breast implants is quitting cigarettes same thing as quitting electronic cigarettes or do I have to quit both before... READ MORE

BA in 3 weeks, advice to quit smoking?

I'm 25 years old and have been smoking for about 9 years. I've been having the hardest time quitting smoking I have about three weeks until my BA and... READ MORE

I didn't know I needed to give up smoking before breast surgery. Should I reschedule?

I did not know i needed to quit smoking prior to cosmetic surgery because 5 years ago I had already quit. I am scheduled in 11 days for repeat breast... READ MORE

Why do BL+BA Patients have to quit smoking at least 2 weeks before surgery?

I am a smoker, and have been for about 6 years. I used to smoke 2 packs a day about a year ago...then slowly cut down to one...and finally to about 3... READ MORE

I use smokeless tobacco & drink often. Surgery is in 13 days. When should I stop, and can I drink alcohol?

I unfortunately got addicted to nicotine & to stop I had used smokeless tobacco. I also drink very often. My surgeon was not very clear on what I am... READ MORE

Am I okay for surgery?

A little short of 4 weeks ago I went from e cigarettes with nicotine in them to e cigarettes with no nicotine in them. Then 2 weeks ago I quit the no... READ MORE

Trying to quit smoking cigarettes before BA. Is it safer to use an e-cigarette, patch or gum?

I'm trying to quit smoking cigarettes. Is it safer to use an electronic cigarette, patch or gum? I just want to be safe and no complications with my BA READ MORE

I'm worried if I completely stop smoking right before surgery it will stress to body. Opinions please.

Okay, so my breast augmentation surgery is Wednesday (it's Monday today) and i have not stopped smoking. I've cut back quite a bit today. I know most... READ MORE

Quiting smoking for BA. Can I still use Nicorette gum or the fake smoke with nicotine in them?

My surgery is in November so in September im going to quit just wanted to know if I could use Nicorette gum or the fake smoke with nicotine in it. Or... READ MORE

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