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Tear Drop or Round Implants?

I am 42 years old, breast fed two babies and very lean, hardly any breast tissue or body fat. I'm considering an augmentation to bring my not even a... READ MORE

Could Breast Feeding Have Reduced by Breast Size Permanently? (photo)

I have always been a very slim girl but i had reasonable sized breasts before my pregnancy and breast feeding. I breast fed twins for 13 months and... READ MORE

Slim with very little breast tissue. Teardrop or round implants best? 5ft 10, 34A, 62kg, UK size 10.

I have been recommended 310cc teardrop implants unders to take me from a 34A to a 'natural' D. I was told that as I had very little breast tissue and... READ MORE

Age 26, 2.5y/o Son, Small Breasts. Are There Any Injections I Can Get to Make Them Bigger?

I M 26yrs Old I Have 2 and Half Yrs Old Son, and Now my Breast Are So Small. Is There Any Incjection to Make my Breast Biger. high 5'ft slim body bra... READ MORE

I'm 5'10, 130 and pretty slim. Is 450 cc's to big for me? (photo)

Hello, I am currently trying to figure out sizing. When I had my consult the doctor said that with my frame, up to 450 cc's would be doable. I tried... READ MORE

Best Method of Augmentation for Athletic Fitness Enthusiasts and Profile?

I'm 42, very lean, hardly any breast tissue of body fat...apparently have loose lower pole and I'm also a personal trainer, group fitness and boxing... READ MORE

Can you tell me the best way to increase my breast size? I'm 17 and my friends tease me.

I have very small boobs... I'm slim ... And becomes very weak because of weakness in body due to regular illness..... Is there any chance of big boobs... READ MORE

How to determine what cc size to get for my body measurements?

I'm deciding on my size for my breast augmentation surgery, and am very concerned I'll end up too big. My ps is wonderful and said anything between... READ MORE

I'm 160m, 32 A, wanting full B/ small C. Any suggestions? (photo)

If I'm slim, petite, athletic and 160 m. But with good thick thighs and but AND 34/34 A (I hardly fill it) Which implant size would be the best for me... READ MORE

Will 260-300cc achieve full B, small C?

I'm 5'8, 58kg, slim build and quite athletic. I have very little breast tissue and currently wear a 34AA and my BWD is 12. I want a natural look... READ MORE

Advised by surgeon to get 280cc implants but want smaller. Any suggestions?

Hello, I am getting breast augmentation next month and have been advised by surgeon to get a 280cc implant. I am very slim and athletic ( run a lot)... READ MORE

I want advice on some natural looking breast that would fit my figure. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am 5'7 around 110 lbs super slim, I have spent my whole week after work just looking at pictures and want a natural job done nothing like porn star... READ MORE

Going from an A cup to 400-450 cc

I had a consultation with the doctor and I still cant decide which one to get. I am 5'5 and 120 lbs. I have a very slim waste but I have hips. People... READ MORE

32aa 5'4" 115lbs - wanting C-cup. (photo)

I have a narrow chest & slim build. I feel like my itty bitties READ MORE

I am slim built, 5'9 and I weigh 149lbs. My doc suggested 450cc silicone. Because of my built do these seem too small?

Most videos I watched girls were 5'3 and slim getting 420's and up.I am currently a 34A and I will like to go to a full C. READ MORE

What would be the best type/shape/size implant for my shape? I'm 5'9

I am 22 years old , slim/athletic and 5'9. I do not have any measurements unfortunately, nevertheless, I have a narrow waist and my shoulders are... READ MORE

What are the effect of weight gain after Breast Augmentation on slim person?

I had a BA with 290cc Anatomical Implants 2 weeks ago but have lost almost 12 pounds over the past 6 weeks. I was always petite at 5ft2in and 93... READ MORE

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