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Would Insurance Cover the Cost of Plastic Surgery for a Congenital Birth Defect?

I have turners syndrome. Do to the congenital defect I have almost no breast tissue and widely spaced nipples. Would insurance ever cover the cost of... READ MORE

Is There Anything Wrong with Getting an Implant That May Stick out on the Sides?

Thanks for reading my question! I am going for a 'side boob' and extreme cleavage look...but maybe I have the wrong idea here?? I was thinking about... READ MORE

I'm a little worried about my side profile, they look like tacos ... how long will it take to drop?

I was a A34 before surgery. looking at my boobs so far, would you say my doctor did a good job? I am currently 4 days post op and READ MORE

What do you think about the shape of my breasts? (photos)

Went to see my nurse today for my 4 week check up said wasn't happy how boobs look said they wasn't same shape nd could feel more implant in the one... READ MORE

Side view of breasts. Can get away with large implants alone or would I need a lift also? (photos)

Looking to get silicone implants, currently an A cup and wanting to go up to a full D. I'm 120 pounds and have breastfed a few children. I want to... READ MORE

1 year post op, starting crossfit 5 months ago, side of boob looks weird. What's wrong with my silicon gummy implant? (photos)

Overall I am happy with them , but however recently about 5month ago when is started to cross fit I noticed the side looks weird ! I refuse to use the... READ MORE

Do I need a lift with a breast augmentation? (Photos)

I'm 22 and I lost 60 pounds 2 years ago and ever since my breast have been deflated and shrunk. As of now I believe I am a 34A-34B depending on the... READ MORE

Confused on the Right CCs to Acomplish my Goal?

Hi. I am 30 years old and have breastfed 3 children. It is time for me to get my breasts back. I have seen 2 different surgeons and got 2 totally... READ MORE

Will my Implants round out on the bottom after 8 months? (photos)

I had subfascia axillary breast augmentation about 8 months ago. The bottom portion of breast are a little flat from The side view and have a small... READ MORE

Dropping/settling after Capsulotomy? (photo)

Photo of problem side at its worst, when I've been wearing band the contour is much better. 4.5 months post op for implants not dropping. I have a... READ MORE

Will my breasts look fuller? Project more? (Photos)

I had s breast augmentation yesterday, the dr used 305CC full profile and said couldn't go bigger as my chest is really tight.. I'm very disappointed... READ MORE

Is a prominent side profile possible w my shape? (photos)

I've wanted breast implants for years and have decided to go for it. After doing some research I thought I would want silicone, moderate profile, tear... READ MORE

Why do surgeons sometimes only post side/oblique views of breast augmentation before/after?

I'd think the front view is the most important, so why do some surgeons opt to not include a front view on some photos? Some surgeons don't have ANY... READ MORE

Should my breasts look like this after a full lift on the left breast, lollipop lift on right, and breast augmentation? (Photos)

I had a full breast lift on my left breast, a lollipop lift on the right, and a breast augmentation 11 months ago. I am a little disappointed in my... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation: Are they sitting too low? 3 days post-op. (Photo)

My implants seem to be sitting very low. In addition a I have great deal of pain in my nipples. So much so that moving and having them out of my bra... READ MORE

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