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I Had BA Using Subfascial Placement, When Can I Sleep On My Side? Or Run?

How long until I can sleep on my side? ? Also, I am curious how long I should wait until I can run long distances. Im 14 Post OP now and feel great... READ MORE

Is one nipple Pointing sideways ? (photos)

Please excuse psoriasis it's just abit angry from constantly wearing sports bra and not be able to moisturise. But does one nipple seem to be pointing... READ MORE

Can I sleep on my side after breast augmentation?

Im 5 weeks after my breast augmentation when is it safe to sleep on my side... READ MORE

Is a Bump on the Lateral Side Normal After Capsulorhhaphy?

I had a BA revision (saline to silicone, unders) w/ capsulorhhaphy to fix lat shift and lat rippling, R worse than L. Apparently more significant... READ MORE

Breasts have bottomed out; left side pocket is too large, right side needs a left. Will I need several surgeries?

I've been told that breast have bottomed out, left side pocket made too large and falls to the side when I lay down, right side has CC and needs a... READ MORE

How soon can I sleep on my side after breast augmentation? (Photos)

It is 2am and I am very restless. I usually sleep on your side but since I've had breast augmentation I have been sleeping on my back. I am 9 days... READ MORE

Can someone tell me why my right breast is going to the side? (photos)

Right breast is leaning toward the side and looks like it is stretching a lot or being weighed down... I just had implants and breast lift 3 months ago READ MORE

I had breast augmentation around 2 weeks ago. How long before I can sleep on my side?

I had breast augmentation on Aug. 14th, how long until I can u hang out sleep on my side? READ MORE

Working out lower body: 2 weeks post-op breast augmentation.

 I'm 13 days post-op from a breast augmentation, everything looks and is going great. I would love to know when can I start working out on my... READ MORE

Follow-up Question: Is this normal? My left breast is still falling off to the side. (photos)

It's been 8 months since my breast augmentation,my left breast is still falling off to the side an my doctors says that's normal.? After swimming my... READ MORE

When can I sleep on my side again, without the swelling and slight discomfort? I'm tired!!! (photos)

I am 2 weeks 3 days post op BA 330cc saline under the muscle. I must say my surgery was great, my recovery has been good so far as well. I have been... READ MORE

Do I have tubular breasts? (Photos)

I'm 21 years old and a 34b, I feel very self conscious about the way my breasts look, they aren't full or rounded and I feel they look like they are... READ MORE

7 weeks post op, I slept on the side and woke up with soreness. Is this normal? (photos)

I am 7 weeks post op and received 335 cc hp implants under the muscle. My surgeon advised that I can sleep on my side if comfortable. I have been... READ MORE

Right side pain. Hoping this is normal?

Hi just wondering why my right side is more painful then the left im 4 days post no brusing or swelling, the tightness has gone and I'm only taking my... READ MORE

Weirdly crooked breasts, no cleavage whatsoever? (photo)

There's something really wrong about my breasts; they are cone shaped, and saggy -- but to the sides. They are not the firmest but firm enough when... READ MORE

I'm three days post op BA, I'm just wondering when can I start sleeping on my sides again??

Sleeping on my back is uncomfortable to me but if I have to do it I will do it! Thanks! Sophie READ MORE

Is side sleeping after Breast Augmentation and Lipo of back and flanks ok?

I had my left breast only augmented and liposuction of my flanks and back from bra line & down) I am 2 days post-op. Would it be ok to sleep on my... READ MORE

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