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Can I shower with stitches?

I had breast augmentation on February 14 and I need to know when I shower is it ok if the stitches get wet? READ MORE

How soon can I shower after breast augmentation? Can I shower completely or just my lower body?

I just had my BA done on the 7/25 How soon can I shower? Can I shower completely or just my lower body ? READ MORE

How Long After a BA Can You Actually Shower? Some Ppl Did 2 Days Some Say 2 Weeks.

Is there a period u reach of healing b4 this is accepted and abt how long b4 the skin start closing up? READ MORE

Post BA Can/should I Change Water Damaged Bandage?

Hi, I have a crease incision and I'm 6 days post-op and was given the ok to shower today--when I got out of the shower the right bandage was soaked... READ MORE

Do I have to wait to start daily activities, such as washing my hair and driving? (Photo)

I am going to have a breast augmentation, And I can't stop working, I am just going to take two days off, and come back to work right after, I am... READ MORE

Day 1 post op and feeling a little horrible. What can I do to help? (Photo)

. I got out of surgery around 3pm yesterday. My chest is tight of course and can barely use my arms. Can't reach for anything. When will the bleeding... READ MORE

I just got my BA done yesterday (7/25) My breast feel very high, and hard. Is that normal? How long for me to be able to shower?

I got my BA on July 25. Everything went well . I didn't feel much pain after my surgery. Today ,the second day it hurts a little more . My boobs seem... READ MORE

Am Wondering How Long Before I Can Do Basic Chores Around the House, Shower and Eventually Go Back to Work?

I am currently a waitress and bartender at a local restaurant/bar/motel. In the bar we lift flats and cases of beer every day and many times a day. In... READ MORE

How to remove left over ink from when ps marked me up before surgery?

I'm only four days post op showered yesterday for first time after surgery still have some left over ink markings from when my ps marked me up before... READ MORE

I am hearing a lot about "1 day" or "rapid recovery" regarding breast aug. Can you really recover within 24-72 hours?

I am hearing a lot about rapid recovery methods for breast aug. Several of the plastic surgeons I am considering promote it on their websites. Is this... READ MORE

Shampoo and hot shower after breast augmentation?

I am 2 weeks postop, it seems to be healing nicely but I'm no doctor... am I ok to shower using shampoo? Also I like my shower a late hotter than... READ MORE

Showering 2 weeks post Breast Augmentation?

I got implants 2 weeks ago and was told to shower twice a day. I've been doing just that until yesterday. We have been having problems with our hot... READ MORE

Can pectoral muscle cramp severely distort the shape of an implant? How long will it last or is it more serious? POD#16 (photo)

While showering, I reached down to scrub my leg (maybe too hard) & started to feel the beginning of a cramp on the side of my right breast. I stopped,... READ MORE

Is this a rash from the tape or stretch mark? (photos)

I showered 4 or 5 times since surgery on November 27. I applied some oil on my chest for dryness but it may have irritated my breast? Is this a rash... READ MORE

Should I remove the yellow tape on top of stitches? Breast augmentation

I had my ba 7 days ago and I am released to shower today. My doctor put me in a compression bra during my follow up and told me to remove the gauze... READ MORE

Why is there conflicting information concerning how soon you can take a shower after breast reduction?

I have noticed that some people who share their experience say they were allowed to take a shower one day after surgery with the drains still in them.... READ MORE

Do my incisions look ok? (Photos)

Just had surgery 3 days ago.. was told I didn't have any stitches and they put s waterproof babdagesk I could shower. I noticed when I got home my... READ MORE

How do I use silicone tape to reduce BA scars? (photo)

Not sure if this is an obvious question, but how exactly should I use silicone tape? I'm now 6 weeks post BA and have been moisturising with vitamin E... READ MORE

How to wash your breast after a BL & BA? (Photo)

I had a B.L & B.A. I'm 2 days post op and I'm wanting to know when showering do I wash around the nipple completely to remove the dry blood ect? I'm a... READ MORE

What to expect the first week after surgery?

I will be taking off a week for work and I will have help at home during that week. What can I do at home during that week to recover successfully?... READ MORE

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