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I'm 3 Weeks Post Op and Felt a Sort of Shift During Sex on my Left Breast Implant? (photo)

Could a Have Tore my Pocket or Displaced It? Three weeks post op my partner and I resumed sex. During sex I felt a funny shift in my left breast... READ MORE

I have a lateral displacement issue with my breast implants. I would like to get this problem corrected. Any suggestion? (photo)

I'm 37 & My implants are 14 years old. My right implant is going completely into my armpit and bottoming out hanging lower than the left breast. The... READ MORE

One Implant Has Shifted and I Now Have Pain in My Back, Is This From The Implant?

Burning in my back how can i tell if its the implant ???the implant has moved an feels sore all the time please help am in so much pain READ MORE

6 months post op, do I have a Double bubble? (photos)

BA 6months post op, 34B to 32DD. During pms when breasts are swollen implants shift and start to look weird, after period when swelling is gone that... READ MORE

Drifting Breast 9 Months Post Op?

After having a BA 9 months ago I noticed my breast isn't as full. Also, when I lay flat, my breast drifts under my arms and when I stand I have too... READ MORE

One Breast is Smaller Than Other, Incision is Not in the Crease, and Doctor Says the Implants Are Sliding Down? (photo)

I had my b/a 6 months ago. Before getting it I had one breast bigger than the other. My doctor said he would fix this but I still fint my breasts... READ MORE

Can I Massage or Compress my Shaped Implant Back in Place?

107lbs, 5'2, pre 32A post 32B+, 270cc anatomical round shaped implant. Right implant seems to have slightly moved out of pocket toward armpit. It is... READ MORE

Do I have double bubble when I raise my arms? Shifted/Mis-aligned implant? Can this be fixed without surgery? (photos)

Please see pics- my right breast appears to have something out of place. Seems like a small double bubble(?)- but only with arms up or laying down. PS... READ MORE

I'm 29 yrs old female w/ pectus excavatum, no children. I want a BA but afraid because of my concave chest. Advice? (photo)

Are there plastic surgeons who specialize in this type of breast augmentation? What are the chances of the implants shifting position? Are most... READ MORE

Breast Implant Suddenly Moved Up?

I had my surgery exactly 1 year ago. My recovery was excellent. Yesterday I was pushing around heavy items and when I woke up this morning my right... READ MORE

What could be the cause of my pain behind my shoulder blade? Could my implant be shifting and pulling on a muscle?

I had my 3rd breast procedure 08/13. Lift/smaller implants. PS told me the skin on my R breast was very thin and I had to go smaller. I have had a... READ MORE

Implants Look Big in the Upper Pole but Very Small in the Lower Pole. Will the Implant Shift Towards the Bottom?

My sister got a 375 silicone implant and looked small but after 4 months they looked a lot bigger and I wanted that same size. I was an A before and... READ MORE

My sports bra isn't very snug. Can this be the cause my implants to move and hurt? And can this present a problem? (photo)

I am now 6days post op. But I went out for short walks as recommended a few times in the past 3 days. I felt significant discomfort in my breast while... READ MORE

Is This Normal? BA 3 Days Ago Today Noticed Implant Moves When I Inhale?

I just got a breast augmentation 3 days ago, and its under the muscle, I havent had any problems but today I noticed that when I inhale deeply my left... READ MORE

Are my breast shifted apart? Capsular contraction? fluid accumulate in implant pocket? nipple pointed downward? (photos)

It has been one moth now, I had Periareolar Incision 600cc under the musule pos-bra size was per-surgery 32C., are my breast shifted apart to my back... READ MORE

I've laid on side 2 weeks post op, causing pain, swelling, & shifting of textured implant. Is this normal? (photos)

I laid on my side while putting my children to bed & 15 minutes later, I stood up to strange sensations in breast that was against bed. My cleavage... READ MORE

Can you knock a breast implant out of place?

I'm 3 weeks post-op....I went for a light jog....until I felt a small shift....Now, I can feel a small 'gas bubble' near my mammary fold. Maybe, it's... READ MORE

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