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Concerned About Tubular Breasts - Considering Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I am 19 years old, no children. I am really unhappy with the shape of my breasts. Smaller in size and asymmetrical, they seem to have a mild to... READ MORE

What Procedures Are Necessary to Fix my Areolas, Nipples and Shape of my Breasts? (photo)

I am 20 years old, 150 lbs and no pregnancies. I would like my areolas smaller and my nipples more prominent. They usually are flat against my breast... READ MORE

Evolution of Breast Shape Post-op?

Hello doctors please i need your help !!i had a lollipop lift breast with augmentation ( implants 350cc meduim profil 13cm diam+4cm projection ) so... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post BA Silicone Under: Left Breast is Perfect, Right is Shaped Like an Oval?

I am 3 weeks post Breast augmentation I got silicone under the muscle. My left breast is perfect my right one seems bigger but still fairly high and... READ MORE

Will my High Profile BA Eventually Be Teardrop Shape? Got Them 6 Months Ago and Still the Same Torpedo Shape. (photo)

Will my High Profile BA Eventually Be Teardrop Shape? Got Them 6 Months Ago and Still the Same Torpedo Shape. READ MORE

Concerned that Implants Will Just Give Me a Larger Version of My Breasts Now, Which I Don't Like, Options? (Photo)

Hello Doctors I’m am considering breast augmentation However I have two big concerns…. 1) dislike the shape of my breasts I’m... READ MORE

Are Tubular Breasts Hereditary?

I'm 21 years old and I think I have a tubular breast. I didn't know that until I saw some photos in the internet yesterday. They were exactly... READ MORE

What Surgical Procedures Will Correct Weird Shaped Breasts?

My breasts are the same (B-cup) size, but they have a weird shape, and my areolas and nipples are big. They are droopy, crooked, v-shaped breasts. My... READ MORE

What Shape Implant is Best to Correct Mild Constricted Breasts with Symmetry? (photo)

Hello! I have constricted breasts and luckily they are symmetrical. I just need to know if I have to have a teardrop shaped implant to correct this... READ MORE

Why is my Left Breast Not Round? (photo)

I got my 600cc saline, high profile, submuscular implants 2 weeks ago. My right breast is nice and round, but my left breast looks flat on the side... READ MORE

Will my Breast Look Cone Shaped After Surgery? (photo)

I've always felt that my breast are a little "cone shaped" and not so much round...With going through with the surgery I was looking for that round... READ MORE

Shape of High Profile Silicone Implants; Will They Make A Tear Drop Shape Eventually? (photo)

I got a breast augmentation 6 months ago and wondering if my silicone implants (high profile, 300 ccs) will take a tear drop shape eventually or are... READ MORE

What Is The Best Option for my Small 36AA Tuberous Breasts-Implants or Fat Grafting/transfer? (photo)

I have extremely small tuberous breasts and have been wanting to get implants for years but i heard i might get a double bubble. I live in el paso, tx... READ MORE

3 weeks post op - triangle shape is this normal? (photo)

I had tear drop shaped Natrelle 310cc implants..... i am 3 weeks post op.. can you inform if the look seems ok ? they seem to have a traingular shape... READ MORE

6 Weeks Post Breast Lift with Implants and Unsatisfied with Shape? (photo)

Hi, I am 6 wks post breast lift w/ implants. Prior to surgery, I was a DD cup. I'm satisfied with the size, but not with the breast shape and... READ MORE

I Want Breasts Like Tila Tequila's and Mine Are Similar in Shape?

What do you think the recipe is for her type of breasts. I'm thinking silicone, under the muscle and inserted under the boob? Does a surgeon need to... READ MORE

Will Areola Reduction Change my Breast Shape?

My left areola is larger than my right as you can see in the photo below. Since my areola are different size, If I get areola reduction surgery will... READ MORE

Strange Shape to Bottom of Breast Following Lift and Implant 6 Weeks Ago? (photo)

I had uplift and implant 6 weeks ago, however the bottom of my breast close to the crease there seems to be a little excess skin and/or a lump which... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Achieve a Natural Looking Tear Drop Shape when Using High Profile Implants?

I recently had my pre-op appt. and was told by my PS that I could not get 425 cc moderate plus silicone like I was hoping for because they would be... READ MORE

I Would Like my Breasts to Have an Attractive Shape with Minimal Scarring, Which Procedure Should I Get? (photo)

My doctor suggests that i get an implant and a donut lift to achieve rounder breasts with higher nipples. This would cause my breasts to be bigger.... READ MORE

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