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Sensitive Nipples Post-op - Will This Go Away?

I Had a Breast Augmentation 3weeks Ago Was a Small B and Got 340cc Thur Saxillary? Now I Have Really Sensitive Nipples. Will this go away any time... READ MORE

Increase Breast Sensitivity After Augmentation?

Hi, I had breast augmentation 3 weeks ago and since then I have my breast so sensitive to the touch, which make me so unconfortable. Is this normal,... READ MORE

Very Sensitive Nipples 3 Years After Breast Augmentation?

I had silicone BA 3yrs ago. Nipples were left a little sensative but not overly so. As of a month ago, both have been VERY sensative to touch and... READ MORE

I Am 4 Weeks Post Op and Found Small Lump Behind Each Nipple..what Could This Be?

O I got breast augmentation march 2nd and found lumps under nipple are extremly sensitive but there's no pain or acheyness to them..I... READ MORE

Is yellow drainage a normal part of the wound healing process after a Breast Augmentation? (photos)

My incision tore in the junction under my right breast after an anchor lift. Surgery was done on Aug2 and the tear developed a few weeks after. I have... READ MORE

I have pain when I wake up on my back or side and skin is super sensitive! What can I do? (Photo)

I had my breast augmentation feb 4 15 I got 325 sal under the muscle! I thought I was healing fine til my breast became super sensitive and sometimes... READ MORE

Should I wear my compression garment again if i swell, 7 weeks Post op from lipo to flanks and stomach? (photo)

Is it a good idea to wear my compression garment again? I'm 7 weeks post op from BA and lipo to flanks and stomach. By mid day i feel swallon from my... READ MORE

Is it a sunburn or something more serious after my BA? I've never gotten burned before.

I had my BA done on April 8th 2016 its been almost 4 Months now and yesterday I went to the beach and got what appears to be a pink light sunburn on... READ MORE

What can I use to get rid of a rash I developed after BA sx 12/21/15. (photos)

I had my BA 12/21/15 and recovered well with no complications. I've always had sensitive skin and would develop a rash for various reasons (new body... READ MORE

Is it normal to have ultra high sensitive skin on the lower half of my breasts? I'm 18 days post opt from a BA

It feels like I have been rubbed raw or that the skin is burned. Almost like there is fiberglass in my skin. I have tried every topical ointment I can... READ MORE

Rash due to gauze tape how to remove tape stickiness. (photo)

I bought what appeared to be tape to put on gauze so it would stick to my breast. After using it for 2 days I developed a rash and what appeared to be... READ MORE

Skin sensitivity following a breast augmentation. Will Gabapentin help? (photo)

I am 2 weeks post op breast augmentation and my skin feels as though it is sunburned and is highly sensitive. I realize the nerves have stretched etc;... READ MORE

Getting a breast augmentation with a history of getting sick easily?

My parents are concerned that since I have such a history of having health issues (minor) that I should avoid putting anything in my body. For... READ MORE

2.5 weeks post op breast augmentation. 5 days ago I noticed a few dots on my breasts. (photos)

I stopped using the sorbelene for sensitive skin immediately but the rash has not improved. Sent dr surgery a photo and they have said rashes are... READ MORE

Breast augmentation - skin sensitivity. 9 days post-op.

Small question just like that. I am at day 9 post op and my skin is super sensitive on top of my breasts and on the sides, but not my nipples. I had... READ MORE

16 days post op. Rib muscle discomfort and skin sensitivity following Breast Augmentation

Feel as I have strained a muscle in between my ribs as well has the skin in the same area is sensitive/ feels extremely dry or sun burnt. Nothing I... READ MORE

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