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Tubular Breasts? Should I Fix Them?

I am not upset with the size just the difference. I go through periods where it really bothers me and others where it doesn't at all. I don't... READ MORE

Symmastia: How Can I Separate my Breasts?

I was born with symmastia. I never done any breast surgery or any surgery before in my life. I'm doing some research and look at a few pictures... READ MORE

What Can I Expect From Tubular Breast Correction?

I am 18 years old and have always had irregular breasts. I looked up the deformity and realized I have severe tubular breasts (I am pretty sure) I... READ MORE

Mild tuberous breasts? (Photo)

I'm 18 - almost 19 - and for a while I've been holding onto hope that I was a really late developer. However, I'm now starting to think I possibly... READ MORE

Why are my breasts like this and is there anything I can do to change them? (photos)

I don't know how to describe them but I really hate them. They lower my self eastem. They look saggy small and I feel like my areolas are too big.... READ MORE

Do I have tubular breasts? Is it possible to fix without scars or implants? (photos)

If it is possible to fix without scars or implants how much would it cost and any chance insurance will help cover some costs? They have had very... READ MORE

Would I be able to get my poland syndrome breast reconstructive surgery covered even partially by Aetna insurance?

They are two different sizes, chest wall is uneven with ribs under my left smaller breast(32a), my right breast is a 32d. I also have a hand... READ MORE

My question is, from a surgical stand point, what should I have done to correct my breasts. (photos)

I am very unhappy and insucrue with the way they look, I always have been. Being only 24, it has caused extreme low self esteem. I am interested in... READ MORE

My implant surgery is in 7 days (June 23). Im so excited to have them done, but the risks are making me want to back out.

Due to 3 surgeries on my intestines from ulcerative colitis, (including a reversed ostomy) Ive lost 110lbs. My DD's are now a small A cup, and my self... READ MORE

Mother of two unhappy with her image taking a big step, will I regret this? (Photos)

415 CC MP procedure was 3-9-1 I am trying to stay positive and see that this was a change I needed I had lost myself in marriage,motherhood,aging and... READ MORE

Can I get a breast lift with implants and still lose my last few lbs?

I have recently lost 75lbs through 6dys a week in the gym and weight lifting with cardio and am wanting a breast lift with implants. I still have... READ MORE

How to go about getting a breast augmentation before college?

I am 18, have been researching the procedure for years, and know that it will boost my self esteem massively. I am not planning to get enormous, fake... READ MORE

Do I have tuberous breasts? (Photos)

Looking for a way to achieve a full, round and perky look. I'm not able to sleep, eat or even function I'm so depressed with my breasts and the effect... READ MORE

What should I do to fix my breasts? (Photos)

My breasts have been like this for about 4/5 years now, they're uneven in size and shape, and when i have my arms down one of them sags which is... READ MORE

after removal of silicone implants 20 years ago, can you get another breast augmentation?

I originally had 90cc of silicone breast implant. I had them removed in 1999. (found no leakage). I was left with sagging breasts. It been over 20... READ MORE

I'd like a breast augmentation, but I've got breast cysts and fibrosis, and I'm 23. Is this possible?

I'm 5'5, 32B (ish) 130 pounds. I had lost a bunch of weight about 2/3 years ago, and now I'm left with these saggy empty looking breasts. I can't... READ MORE

Want an augmentation due to small breasts from pituitary removal at 13.

Since I was 13 I have had no pituitary due to a pituitary adenoma. I have always had very small breasts as a result and this affects my self-esteem... READ MORE

Are my breasts normal? Age 19, size difference. (Photos)

I'm 19 years old and I noticed since I was 15 that only one of my breast was growing (which is the left one) and recently the difference of the size... READ MORE

Silicone implants with a port: Does anyone think getting implants would lift my self-esteem?

My self esteem has plumetted to an all time low, my breast are like pan cakes i have no shape, i have a huge liver scare where 85 per cent of my liver... READ MORE

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