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General Anesthesia Vs. Iv Sedation for Breast Augmentation?

Im getting Breast implants and dont know what time of anesthesia will be better to use for this procedure. If it helps im a small girl weight 95 to... READ MORE

Are There Benefits to Twilight Anesthesia for a Breast Augmentation?

Are there benefits to twilight anesthesia for a breast augmentation? Are there reasons to avoid this type of anesthesia for breast augmentation? Thank... READ MORE

Local Anesthesia (Tumescent Technique) & IV Sedation for Breast Augmentation?

Hello, I'm 41 y/o & l've been searching for a Board certified surgeon who would perform local anesthesia with sedation. I had a consultation with... READ MORE

What's best option for a breast augmentation? General anesthesia or IV sedation?

Can a breast augmentation be done under IV sedation?. I went for a BA consult and the surgeon said theres no need to have a tube down your throat and... READ MORE

Breast augmentation: general anesthesia vs. IV sedation?

I've been doing research between the two, according to my research; IV sedation for breast augmentation is much safer and faster recovery? I would... READ MORE

Not a "Typical" Breast Surgery Request

I know most breast surgery is under general cuz its safer and the pt is comfortable.I also know that there's a limit of how much lidocaine(numbing... READ MORE

Is Minimal Sedation W/ Local Anesthesia Possible for Subglandular Placement?

I was told I'm a good candidate for sub-glandular. With my very active lifestyle, and enough breast tissue to cover implants etc. - I want this... READ MORE

What types of anesthesia and sedation are common with Breast Augmentation? It seems to be my biggest fear!

What types of anesthesia and sedation are common with Breast Augmentation? Is my fear irrational? What can I expect? I've had anesthesia for wisdom... READ MORE

How safe and effective is an epidural and sedation for Breast Augmentation ?

Is this method of anesthesia only common in Dominica Republic and what is the blue pill ? READ MORE

Breast Augmentation - which level of iv sedation + local anesthesia is needed to be awake through the procedure?

Dear Doctors, I've found a couple of Board Certified Plastic Surgeons through RealSelf, who'd perform surgery while being awake, which is a must for... READ MORE

Is having a Breast Augmentation in the Doctors own office normal and/or safe?

The doctor I am looking into opened his own office and offer surgery done "in house". I am there fore not paying the extra fees for a hospital or a... READ MORE

Will I feel pain if I choose IV sedation when scoring of tissue is necessary? (semi-constricted base)

I plan to have saline implants above the muscle (the surgeon says this is a viable option for me since I have a lot of tissue already) with a... READ MORE

Looking into breast augmentation and liposuction with fat transfer to the buttocks under local anesthesia & IV sedation. Safe?

I'm a 23 y/o have a 4 y/o child. want this done in one session and under local anesthesia w/ IV sedation. Can this be done? How safe is local... READ MORE

general anesthesia or IV sedation

I've met with 2 doctors I like. 1 doctor uses general anesthesia with a LMA with both CRNA and anesthesiologist on staff during procedure. The other... READ MORE

I'm getting breast implants soon. My PS only uses IV sedation. I take suboxone, and he said that's not a problem. Is it okay?

The only reason I am worried about this, is because I've read that fetynal and versed are blocked by suboxone or that I would need a higher dosage... READ MORE

Rapid recovery Breast Augmentation in Oregon?

I would like to get a breast augmentation in the next six months and I would like to have it under sedation and not require narcotics during recovery.... READ MORE

Will I feel pain during a breast aug subfascial placement under deep iv sedation with local anesthesia? (Photo)

My surgery is next week and I'm petrified about feeling any pain. I've been under with GA, but never deep iv with local. Will I feel any pain?? I'm so... READ MORE

Is conscious sedation possible for breast augmentation?

I'm scared to be sedated because I work at a hospital and see it go wrong sometimes. Would it be possible to get certain procedures such as breast... READ MORE

I am looking for a doctor in the GTA who will do breast augmentation with local anesthetic and IV sedation. Anyone out there?

I have malignant hyperthermia, so general anesthetic is not the safest route for me. I want to do breast augmentation with a surgeon who is... READ MORE

Breast augmentation with local and conscious sedation. How to find a surgeon?

I'm seriously considering a breast augmentation, but do not want general anesthesia. How do I accurately search for a list of certified plastic... READ MORE

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