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What is Causing my Dizziness and Blurry Vision 4 Days After Breast Augmention?

Four days after breast augmentaion and im very dizzy and a bit nauseated. Feel almost like im losing my vision. Never took the pain pills and have... READ MORE

I Had PMMA Injections in Tijuana, Why Do I Need to Wait 6 Months Before Second Round of Injections?

I contacted the doctor saying i want to come in for 2nd round and he said to wait full 6 months before doing another session why is that??? it's... READ MORE

Second Round Breast Augmentation. Unhappy With Results, What to Do? (photo)

My wife recently got a breast augmentation in the last 48hrs. This is her second augmentation in 6 yrs. She had 3 consultations with the DR prior to... READ MORE

Breast Tissue Sagging Again Over Implants? (photo)

8 months ago I got a breast lift & 400ml, round, silicon implants. My natural breast tissue has began resagging over my implant. My doctor didnt... READ MORE

What Are the Chances of Follow Up Surgeries After Breast Implants?

I'm not happy with the size of my breasts, but terrified of surgeries. My concern is that I will have to have follow up surgeries every 5-10 years...... READ MORE

Second Capsulectomy, Need Second Opinion?

Hi, I had breast augmentation January of last year; April of the same year I had capsular contracture on my left breast so I had a capsulectomy ( Same... READ MORE

How Many Breast Surgeries Will You Need in a Lifetime?

I continually read that implants are not a "lifetime" medical device and one should anticipate one other surgery. It seems most doctors agree that the... READ MORE

Do I need another anchor lift? (photo)

I didn't want to necessarily go smaller or bigger I wanted upper pole fullness and to have my boobs look like they have been"done".I ended up w/... READ MORE

What went wrong with my breast augmentation? (Photos)

In January I decided to undergo my second breast augmentation. The second time around I decided on 545cc moderate under the muscle. About 3 weeks post... READ MORE

Breast Augumentation Second Time Around and Breasts Sit Lower Than Before?

Hi I've had just had my second breast augumentation after having silicone implants for 13 years in front of muscle it which I got capsular... READ MORE

I'm going in for my second BA and right now I have 380 cc saline unders switching to 575cc silicone unders. What size will I be?

I was barely an a before so I have really no existing breast tissue of my own so curious as to how big they will look I'm 120lb 5'7 READ MORE

If I Was to Get Another Lift What Would Be the Best Type? (photo)

I have already had a lollipop lift 5 years ago and implants 375cc 2 years ago. I'm wanting bigger implants but am afraid my bottoming out will get... READ MORE

2nd Capsalorrhaphy Surgery - What Limitations Do You Ask of Your Patients for Optimum Results? I Want This to Work!

1st breast aug in 6/09. PS made left breast pocket too long/wide, lost 90% sensation. Implant goes under my arm to my back. Due to the large space of... READ MORE

Had a Deflated Breast from First BA, 2nd BA Still Unhappy

Had a BA 5 yrs ago had to have my 2nd BA 5 weeks ago due to a deflate iny left breast we went with 465 in the left the side with the deflate and 450... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Second Round Costs?

I had Breast augmentation in 2001 -- decided to have them removed since I was in competitive sports and felt self concious. I'd like to have this done... READ MORE

2 Lifts and Still Saggy?

I had implants and a lift after i breast fed twins, but then had another child and had another lift, BUT THEY HAVE SAGGED AGAIN. my surgeon put the... READ MORE

How do I prevent a post op infection second time round? ??

I had a breast augmentation 6 weeks ago. I developed an infection, after oral and IV antibiotics didn't help I ended back in theatre for a washout, I... READ MORE

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