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Scoliosis Breast Augmentation

I am a mid-twenties woman with mild scoliosis, which causes my left ribs to stick out further than my right. My left breast appears larger partly... READ MORE

Uneven Breast Size Due to Scoliosis. Need Your Advise and Recommendation?

What would be the best procedure to achieve the same size of my other breast? What is more likely to be done, breast augmentation or scoliosis... READ MORE

Uneven breasts 5mo post Breast Augmentation with 250cc silicone implants in both breasts - Scoliosis? (photo)

I am 5 months post BA and concerned about my uneven breasts (see photo). My left has dropped fine (possibly too far now!). My right dropped some early... READ MORE

How much pressure/force does it take to rupture silicone implants?

I went to the chiropractor today for the first time after having my ba. He adjusted me standing up and laying down and I was worried that he was gonna... READ MORE

Breast Aug with Bellini Lift- Assymertrical Before and Still After 3.5 Weeks? (photo)

I had very assymetrical breasts plust scoliosis. My PS did a bellini lift and mentor high pro. 400 to left and 350 to right. It's been 3.5 weeks, so I... READ MORE

Will 800 Cc Hp Silicon Gel Implants Be Too Big for my Body Type?

Went to my initial consultation & after trying on several different sizes of HP silicon gel implants I liked the way the 800cc looked. I will be... READ MORE

I have scoliosis, which caused my breasts to look uneven. Once I fix my spine, will breast implants even out my breasts? (photo)

Due to my curvature and twist of my scoliosis, I have a rib bump. This causes one of my breast to have a larger nipple and be slightly more stretched... READ MORE

Is This Poland Syndrome or Simply Assymetry?

I am 27 and my breasts have always been different. One is easily a C cup while the other an A. I also have scoliosis and my chest wall caves in. Could... READ MORE

Is there a way to make my nipples smaller? (Photo)

I'm 18. I just hate them. I always had them like this and I thought maybe it's because I have scoliosis. But the form of the breast and the nipple are... READ MORE

Uneven Breasts 5mo Post BA - Scoliosis? Should I do a revision sooner or later?(photo)

Thank you for all of the responses to my original post. I am submitting a before photo if that helps or changes anything. It seems the consensus... READ MORE

Is it normal for my breasts to be feeling sore after practicing yoga? I'm almost 2 months post-op.

I am a week from being 2 months post-op & my implants were placed under the muscle. I have been practicing hot yoga for about a week (stopped now... READ MORE

Breast augmentation with scoliosis?

When I stand straight front on it appears I have slight scoliosis, but it's actually an uneven rib cage (my spine is completely straight). What are... READ MORE

Will Breast Augmentation Make My Scoliosis Worse?

I have slight muscle fatigue and lower back scolisos, i currently have quite small breasts as i am quite slim, and am worried that getting a too big... READ MORE

Breast are Asymmetric Due to Scoliosis, but Can't Afford Implants. What Are My Options?

Breasts Very Asymmetric Due to Severe Scoliosis Desperately Want Implants but Can't Afford It Need Help READ MORE

Hard Spot on Bottom of Implant - Left is Much Higher After Bellini Lift and Augmentation? (photo)

3.5 weeks ago I had a belleni lift and submusclar high profile mentor gel impalnts.I also have assymetry and scolilolisis.My PS put a 350cc on my... READ MORE

My left implant is sitting much higher than the right one. Is this normal?

From the first day I came out of surgery my left boob is so much higher and to the side rather than my right side.. I'm really concerned I feel so... READ MORE

Is it safe to have breast augmentation if I have had scoliosis surgery?

Hello! I am planning to have breast augmentation next year. I wanted to know if it is safe to have implants if I had scoliosis surgery. I had the... READ MORE

I Am Having a Re Op Due to Uneven Result What Are my Options? (photo)

I have a scoliosis of the spine that effect my chest wall I had a BA 5 months ago my surgeon advised left 330cc moderate profile and 345cc high... READ MORE

Would Breast Augmentation Damage Spine?

I have lower back scoliosis and am considering spinal rod surgery. I have always wanted much bigger breasts and am also wanting a breast agumentation.... READ MORE

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