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Will my Breast Augmentation Scars Fade? (photo)

So i am shy of four days of 2 month post op. my scars are a bit raised and red i was wondering if these look normal? i emailed my PS and the secretary... READ MORE

Areola reduction scars 5 months post op. Does it look normal? (Photo)

Hey, I've always had large natural breast (34E) and large areola's. I decided to have an areola reductions to make them smaller, this was 5 months ago... READ MORE

Risk of Pink Scarring After Breast Lift and Augmentation?

Opinion needed on getting a breast augmentation, and a possible lift. I have had four children, and I am 27 years old, 5'5", 125 lbs. I am very... READ MORE

Options for Areola Scar Revision After Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I got breast augmentation surgery done about 3 years ago (saline implants, under the muscle). I wanted to just go for a more natural look however I am... READ MORE

Dark Scars at 5.5 Months Post Op?

My breast augmentation scars, located in the crease, are flat but still very dark and noticeable at 5.5 months out. They don't seem to have lightened... READ MORE

Confused Not Happy with my Breast Implants Results, should I Complain? (photo)

Had breast implants done 3 months ago, started off a AAcup,335 implanted Subpectoral plane under the muscle. ps said 335cc will make me full c to... READ MORE

Breast Lift/augmentation Has Surgical Site Infection? (photo)

Hi all, Fifteen days ago I had a breast lift/augmentation and was thrilled with the results. Everything was perfect at my post-op. the day my stitches... READ MORE

Could I be allergic to monocryl sutures? When will this end? (Photo)

I've had about10 different open wounds that my surgeon says is a result of suture spitting. I'm close to 5 months post op. Each time I think it will... READ MORE

Silicone V Saline on Small Breasts? (photo)

While on a consultation the PS told me that he recommends silicone over saline because I have little breast tissue. He said that saline would look and... READ MORE

Uneven Areola and Scars After Tuberous Breast Surgery Can Anything else Be Done? (photo)

2 years ago I had breast aug to fix tuberous breasts along with a in office procedure 4 months later on the RT breast to release tightness.I then had... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation with or Without Mastopexy? (photo)

I've had consultations with 2 surgeons so far. One said I'd achieve a good result w/ just implants. The 2nd one measured me & said that to... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Fix Asymmetrical Breasts with Minimal Scarring?

What would be the easiest method of evening these with as little to no scarring as possible. And what would the average price be? READ MORE

Can I Buy One Large Silicone Gel Sheet then Cut It to Suit Lift and Augment Scar?

Im 2 weeks out of breast lift and augment surgery and would like to use the gel strips but they cost cash! i was wondering if i could buy one large... READ MORE

Is it normal to have scabs all over my incisions three wks post op? And can I start taping over them to help scarring? (photo)

I have looked at many pictures here on real self and most women don't develop scabs, I am not sure why I did! I don't smoke. My surgeon says this is... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation with Circle Lift 6 Month Post Op Saggy Not Happy Expected More Lift?

I had BA W/circle lift initially only wanted implants no lift I didn't want the lolly pop scar my Dr explained that a circle lift would be fine I... READ MORE

Nipple Lift & Implants to Improve Asymmetry and Reduce Areola Gone Wrong? (photo)

Scarring is terrible - is this a normal level of scarring after my procedure & revision? I've never suffered with keloid or excessive scarring... READ MORE

I Am 18 Years Old, and I Want to Have Breast Augmentation, the Pain? Do They Feel Real?

As i said, im young and everything but i will never change my mind since i feel so uncomfortable with my breast size A, the only solution is operation... READ MORE

Areola Scar Still Red, One Nipple Stretched out Bigger, What Can I Do to Fix These Issues? (photo)

8mo PostOp Breast Aug. with saline implants mod profile under the muscle, I am unhappy with my results because i was looking for a different out come... READ MORE

My Breast Aug Scar is About an Inch Below my Folds and the Right Scar is Lower Than the Left. What Are my Options? (photo)

Follow up with pics - both my scars are about an inch below my original "folds", right scar is lower than left. 275cc implant under the muscle. please... READ MORE

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