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Is there a procedure to smoothe very bumpy nipples (Montgomery glands) surgically and re-positioning areolas? (Photo)

Building off an older post, I too have cosmetic issues with my Montgomery glands. I want to know if there is a surgical way to smooth out the... READ MORE

Looking to Combine Labiaplasty and Breast Augmentation Surgery. Any One Done This? AZ Surgeon?

I can only find one surgeon in Arizona that has experience in both. Also any feedback on anyone who has done both? Recovery, cost, ect. Thank you!! READ MORE

Can i use breast enlargement cream while feeding my baby?

My daughter is 10 months old my breast are small i feed her my breast milk,,,, can i use a cream that can increase my breast while i feed my baby. READ MORE

Is It Safe to Do Hysterectomy at the Same Time As Breast Augmentation?

I have to have a hysterectomy (divincci ...i.e. laproscropic) and was it possible to have breast augmentation at the same time... thanks. READ MORE

I am looking to get breast augmentation and rhinoplasty at the same time. What would both surgeries cost in NC?

What is the expected recovery time (how long would I have to take off of work)? My nose is crooked, is that harder to repair than a bump? Is it... READ MORE

Diagnosed with Hematoma and Capsular Contracture, Do I Need 2 Procedures? (photo)

Hi,im 27,nonsmoker,had BL+BA 700silicon 6 wks ago. one breast bled & discharged from day 1 but PS ignored my concerns. developed a large hematoma... READ MORE

Would It Be Cheaper to Get a BA and VaserLipo Together or Separate? Around How Much Would It Cost?

I have been looking to get a BA and some form of way to loose some fat for a couple years now and I am trying to find the best way to go about the... READ MORE

I just bought Bustmaxx pills. Can I take pueraria mirifica pills with it too?

I just want to know if these pills conatains Pueraria Mirifica. If yes how much MG is it & if No can i take pueraria mirifica pills with it too, once... READ MORE

Getting Breast Implants and Inner/outer Thigh Liposuction Performed Together?

I'd really like to get both of these procedures. Will getting them together typically cut costs (I know that this will likely vary depending on... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with strep am I able to finish my antibotics (penicillin) before, during, and after Breast Augmentation surgery.

I was diagnosed with strep a few days ago. My primary care doc has given me antibotics (penicillin) which I am still taking. My Breast Aug surgery is... READ MORE

Simultaneous Augment/mastopexy? Or Are Two Separate Surgeries Better?

I had F+ cup breasts, now I have D cup due to weight loss. I want to get my old size and fullness back. I need a lift, but one doctor is telling me I... READ MORE

Is It OK to Have Breast Augmentation While on Enbrel?

I'm 3 weeks away from having breast implant surgery. I am currently using Enbrel 25mg injected once per week for psoriasis. Is this a concern in... READ MORE

Should I get a breast augmentation and then an areola reduction? (photo)

I would like my breasts to be larger, but I really do not want my areolas to get any larger. I have been debating getting both an areola reduction and... READ MORE

Should a Breast Lift Be Done Before, During, or After Augmentation? (photo)

I am planning on augmentation from small B cup to a D cup. My nipple is at the inframammary fold and I have little to no skin showing below the... READ MORE

Can I have Spiro 100mg and Breast Augmentation surgery?

I have a scheduled BA for this month and my derm recently upped my dose of spiro to 100mg. I'm really freaking out and getting worried that this... READ MORE

I've Scheduled a Breast Reduction and Lipo of Flanks and Abdomen. Is It Safe to Have Multiple Procedures Performed at One Time?

I am female. 43 years old. 5'3 155 lbs. 34 DDD. 32 inch waist, 41 inch hips. Active. Non-smoker. No medications. No children. READ MORE

Should a Lift Be Done with an Augmentation? (photo)

After many consultations, some doctors are saying to get the augmentation, then the lift. Some are saying do it all at once. Prices are so different... READ MORE

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