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Breast Augmentation & Rhinoplasty at the Same Time?

I am contimplating having a breast augmentation as well as a Rhinoplasty this summer. Can I do the procedures at the same time? Is there any positives... READ MORE

Hematoma Day of Breast Augmentation, 2 Blood Vessels Bleeding, Why Would this Happen?

9 hours after my breast aug. my left breast start leaking blood. It stopped on my way to my doctors and by the time they put me back into surgery it... READ MORE

Fat Transfer and Breast Lifts. Can I Do These At The Same Time?

Is it possible to receive Fat Transfer-Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift simultaneously? What are the potential side effects of having this done?... READ MORE

Is It Better to Have a Breast Lift and Augmentation in Two Seperate Operations? (photo)

I'm going to have a breast lift, and an augmentation due to having lost 5 stones. My surgeon said it would be better if I had 2 seperate... READ MORE

I Have to Have Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery but I Have Been Considering Breast Implants. Is is Possible to Both on Same Day?

Maybe this would be an awful experience and no doctor would want to do it, but I have to have arthroscopic shoulder surgery (ouch) but I want breast... READ MORE

Multiple Procedures at the Same Time? (Breast/Nose/Lipo)

Is it safe to have a liposuction, breast augmentation AND a rhinoplasty at the same time? I was recently diagnosed with iron-deficiency anemia and... READ MORE

BA and Full Anchor Lift. Is it Okay to Do Surgery While I'm On My Period?

I heard that you should not have surgery if you have your period. Is that true and if so why? READ MORE

Can I have Fat Transfer and Breast Augmentation done on the same day?

Hi! I have two children and finding someone to take care of them + vacation time at work to do two separate surgeries would be almost impossible. My... READ MORE

My implants are too high, and smaller than I wanted. I'm only 2 hours post op. Will this change? (Photo)

Couple hours post op. 750cc high profile. They seem so high and not as big as I thought. Does this change? I wanted them big. READ MORE

Is it safe to have breast augmentation, liposuction in waist area, fat grafting for buttock aug on same day?

Is it safe to have breast augmentation, liposuction in waist area, fat grafting for buttock augmentation on the same day? How long (weeks) does it... READ MORE

I'm having surgery for endometriosis and I want to have a Breast Augmentation the same day. Is it possible? (photo)

I have asymmetrical breasts and I want to have them augmented. I am already having surgery for my endometriosis (robotic hysteroscopy). I want to have... READ MORE

Can I have BA and Lipo on the same day, same surgeon in Fl (Board Certified)?

Hi I'm having lipo and was considering a BA at the same time. But I was recently informed by two different surgeon's coordinators in FL that I won't... READ MORE

Is there any chance of attending a job interview the day of Breast augmentation?

Hi, I have been offered an interview for my dream job, one on which i have applied for numerous times. Although, the interview is on the same day as... READ MORE

Is a lollipop breast lift with implants, lipo for midsection and rhinoplasty too much in one day?

27y/o 5'3" 126lbs After breast feeding two kids my breast aren't as perky and lost volume. I wear 36D but don't fill the cup. I don't have any... READ MORE

Is it normal for one breast to be larger a few hours or even days after Post OP? (photo)

I just had BA done at 11am today, it is now 10pm. I got curious and lifted my bra to see how they looked. I then noticed how drastically the right... READ MORE

Crunchy feeling after breast aug. Is it normal? (Photo)

My suregon just called to check up, super sweet guy but I was drowsy and didn't think to ask... If I do light streching like extend my arms out and... READ MORE

I'm wondering about the safety and advisement of leaning slightly forward for comfort 12 hours after BA? (Photo)

I just had my BA 12 hours ago and have been very comfortable with not much pain just soreness. My back does get tired however,and I was wondering as... READ MORE

BA today: I was a 34 full A. Did 480cc I'm in so much pain. (photo)

Feels like massive chest pains. Pressure which I was told about. But like chest pains. Like sharp hurting stabbing pains. Is that normal.? READ MORE

Is it possible to do the Implants the same day as Stomach Lipo, breast lift, & neck lipo?

I am scheduled to do Stomach Liposuction, Breast Lift, and a Neck liposuction in one operation time. My surgeon doesn't want to do implants on me... READ MORE

Can a Breast Augmentation, Labiaplasty and Liposuction be carried out in one session of surgery?

Hello! I'm 5"7 and approximately 12stone 7lbs. I'm wondering if anyone reckons I could have all the procedures listed above in one session? I'm... READ MORE

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