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I Had BA 4 Months Ago with 400cc High Profile Silicone Smooth Implants, And They're Uneven and Cause Pain. Cause? (photo)

I Had Breast Augmentation 4 Months Ago with 400cc High Profile Silicone Smooth Implants and they look very uneven and the left breast looks much... READ MORE

How many cc of Silicone would I need in order to achieve DD from A sized breasts?

I currently have HP Saline implants filled to 465cc. Before my initial breast augmentation I was (barely) a 34A and am now a 34D. I am going to redo... READ MORE

Staph Aureus 4 Weeks Post-op Breast Augmentation. What Are the Chances of Losing my Implant? (photo)

I am 4 weeks post-op remove & replace saline to silicone. A week ago I was lifting my child & felt a severe pain in my left breast with... READ MORE

Is Window Shading of the pectoral muscle the fault of the surgeon?

I went in for a simple swap from a mismatched set of saline to silicone, and wound up with an implant lower than my IMF, and window shading of my pec.... READ MORE

Are there any risks in lowering or raising a breast crease? Or should I leave it alone? (photo)

I'm having my Saline implants switched to Silicone in a few weeks. Dr. noticed my left breast crease is higher than my right breast crease. He... READ MORE

Implant Replacement - What is the Suction Noise and Sensation I Am Feeling?

I had silicone implants put in about 8 mo ago, I replaced my 8 year old saline that had capsule. Yesterday I started to feel like a sucking sensation... READ MORE

Second Breast Implants, Noticed a Pimple Like Thing on My Scar?

I am worried because I had breast implants saline the first time around, and I developed a leak In my right boob , and my left herby hard, so I had... READ MORE

Good Or Bad Idea to Switch to Over-The-Muscle Implants After a Lift?

I had 480cc's of saline high profile implants placed under the muscle. However, I worry that when I go to the gym to work out, I'll have... READ MORE

How do I know if I have a hematoma or just bruising? (photo)

This was my 3rd BA, I switched out my 600cc saline HP under the muscle, for 750cc silicone HP over the muscle. With my first 2 BA's I had no bruising,... READ MORE

Can you provide a professional opinion on how you would correct my breasts? (Photo)

I switched from saline to silicone. I had a capsuloraphy on the right side as well. I am having alot of rippling, edges showing, flatness and the... READ MORE

I have 415 UHP cohesive gel implants. I've been left with scars in my cleavage. What can I do about this? (Photo)

28, 5'11'', 125lbs, started as 32A, no children, 415CC UHP cohesive gel implants, under the muscle. Have had multiple surgeries to correct... READ MORE

Areola reduction with revision - is a lift necessary? (Photo)

I currently have saline implants, and want to exchange to larger implants (either Saline or Silicone, I am still undecided). I have the subfascial... READ MORE

Does This Look Normal for 6 Weeks Post Op? (photo)

I am very concerned with how different they look from each other, the breast that is lower has the "higher" nipple. My left breast looks kind of... READ MORE

After breast augmentation, one breast still looks bad and asymmetrical. Will it get dramatically better or am I doomed? (Photos)

I went from 315 saline unders to 550 silicone hp's via dual plane 2.5 weeks ago. I always wanted to go bigger and my right breast appears deformed, it... READ MORE

What will my recovery be like? (Photo)

I am getting internal sutures to fix an implant that is too low. I am also changing from my saline 350 HP to silicone 500cc HP. Will my recover be... READ MORE

I'm going in for my second BA and right now I have 380 cc saline unders switching to 575cc silicone unders. What size will I be?

I was barely an a before so I have really no existing breast tissue of my own so curious as to how big they will look I'm 120lb 5'7 READ MORE

Will larger implants lift nipples slightly or be too big on frame? (Photo)

I am 5'1", 125lbs, 47 years old. I had 235cc saline implants placed 14 years ago under the muscle and went from an 34A to a 34C cup. A pregnancy at... READ MORE

"Staging" a Reaugmentation?

I'm having my over the muscle saline implants replaced with under the musle silicone. The doctor has recommended a staged approach of removing the... READ MORE

My breast implants look strange in the center. Is it muscle distortion? Can this be fixed? (photos)

Had saline implants switched to silicone 1 year ago. Over the past few months there is a very distinct change at the center of the implants. The shape... READ MORE

Is a lollipop incision better than a round areola incision alone ?

Hi, I have two opinions and am confused, I need a lift , a revision around a previous areola incision along with exchanging saline implants for... READ MORE

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