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How Long After 300cc Submuscular Breast Implants Can I Go Running?

I had breast augmentation one week ago (300 cc, under the muscle). I run around 50 miles a week and want to know when I can start running again... READ MORE

What is the the best sports bra for running after Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I had BA on May 6th & I just started running again today. I am wearing Under Armour's high impact sports bra for running. Is there another bra out... READ MORE

Can I Continue to Run After I Get Breast Augmentation?

I am petite 5 feet 2inches, 107 lbs in excellent shape and 48 years old. I am a 32B cup now and would like to have a breast lift without implants or... READ MORE

I Had BA Using Subfascial Placement, When Can I Sleep On My Side? Or Run?

How long until I can sleep on my side? ? Also, I am curious how long I should wait until I can run long distances. Im 14 Post OP now and feel great... READ MORE

How soon after Breast Augmentation can I start running again?

I just got a breast augmentation 8 days ago and my doctor gave me the ok to do the stationary bike for I now...Prior it my surgery, I was in the... READ MORE

Can I Run my 1st Marathon 10 Mos After BA Surgery?

I had 350cc high profile implants put in Nov 2011. I'd like to run my 1st marathon in Oct 2011. I've already started running again, 4- 5 miles... READ MORE

After running for the 1st time after my breast augmentation I can hear and feel my implant, did I mess up my results?

535 UHP, under muscle, silicone implants 2 mths ago. After 1st run, I could here a sloshing noise on my right breast. I can now feel the implant... READ MORE

Breast Lift/augmentation, or Just a Lift? (photo)

I'm very active and love running and worry the implants will make this hard. Also worried if I do a just a lift if my breast size will dramatically... READ MORE

Avid Runner - How Big Can I Go?

I am scheduled for BA next week. I am currently a very small 34B/34A and an trying to decide between 421cc and 457 cc. I am not a competitive runner... READ MORE

Can the textured silicone be right for me? I'm a runner and that's why my PS suggested texture (Photo)

Hi there, I am 5'7 133 lbs my weight is obviously located in my lower regions. I am set to get 425cc round high profile textured silicone implants.... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for saline? I have very little breast tissue. (photos)

I went for my consult today and I want to go with saline but I'm told I have little breast tissue. The doctor said he would do it but recommended... READ MORE

8 months post op with saline implants still experiencing sloshing in right breast after running distances. Is this normal?

I have been experiencing an uncomfortable sloshing feeling in my right breast every time I try to run more than one mile ever since my surgery in May.... READ MORE

sex and running after surgery

How many weeks after my surgery do i have to wait to have normal sex without a bra? rough sex? and how many weeks do i have to wait before i run? with... READ MORE

Do my breasts appear saggy? (photos)

I'm a bit self-conscious about my breasts, and I worry they're sagging a bit. I'm an 18-year-old female, who regularly goes without bras. I've read... READ MORE

Are runners less likely to develop capsular contracture?

People that run are they LESS likely to develop capsular contracture because the breast implant is being moved around/bounced around more than non... READ MORE

I am in the military. I am worried about when I'll be able to run and do push ups. And is there any discounts for military?

In the future I want to get a Brazilian but lift and after my recovery I want a breast augmentation. However I am in the military. I am worried about... READ MORE

I'm a 32 DD bra size, having breast fed & through running my breast have lost their fullness & saggy. Any suggestion? (photo)

I would like to have a breast implants to fill out my chest but i've been told because of my measurements and sagging i may end up looking like i have... READ MORE

Is it safe to go running or do some light jogging 1 month post op BA?

Hi I'm one month post op BA and did some light jogging and noticed that i could feel the implants bouncing. Is this normal to literarily feel? The... READ MORE

Exercise after Breast Augmentation?

I am almost 6 weeks post surgery and have done no exercise to date. Just wondering when you think I am OK to start back at running and weights? I know... READ MORE

What size/profile silicone implants would be best for a 5'5" 160 lb female who likes running and athletic activities? (Photo)

I would like advice on what size implants would be right for me. My wt was at 145, so yes, I am trying to lose wt. I run/jog, and lift. PS recommended... READ MORE

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