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6 Months Post Op Breast Augmentation, Uneven Breasts....

Had BA Dec 2010 Under the Muscle Silicone Gel Med Profile 400cc on both breasts. I was a 34A cup and now a 34D. I have had some rippling issues in my... READ MORE

What Procedure Will Remove the Rippling and Increase my Breast Size?

I had a breast aug. in 3/2008 with saline impants filled to 465cc over the muscle. I loved the results. Since then I have had another baby and breast... READ MORE

Is Exercising Changing my Implants?

I received my BA 12/16/10. Under the muscle Silicone Gel Med Profile 400cc thru areola. I was a 34A cup pre-op, nursed 2 babies so I had 0 breast... READ MORE

"Nerve Pain" 5 Months Post-op Breast Augmentation

Five months after 320cc gel breast implants, I still have burning/pinching pain in the right breast. Placed on Nortriptyline 25 mg, pain alleviated... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Feel Rippling of Silicon Implants on the Entire Breast?

Augmentation - 7 months ago. I was a 32 A and I had 375 ccs of silicon gel to put me at a 32 dd. The surgeon placed implants under the muscle. I am... READ MORE

Muscle Detached from Sternum From Breast Augmentation - Will It Get Worse over Time?

-Muscle detached from sternum (right side) from ba -Implant slightly bottomed out medially & inferiorly -I have saline (325 filled to 390) -... READ MORE

Fixing Bad Breast Implants? (photo)

I am a single mother on a single income. I had saved to have my breasts done, I went to Tahoe and had them done, they were never right from the start.... READ MORE

How to Avoid Teardrop Implant Complication?

If i considered teardrop implant for my BA, placed under the muscle, and the surface is textured? Is there still a possibility for rippling and... READ MORE

Implants Placed Submuscular Yet Can See Rippling on the Outer and Bottom Sides, Even in Cleavage, Options?

I have 275cc cohesive gel silicone Mentor implants placed submuscular 2.5 months ago. I have very noticeable rippling on the outer and bottom sides,... READ MORE

Rippling After Breast Enlargement

I had a breast enlargement 4 month ago,lately ive been feeling a lumpy rippling feeling on both breasts,is this normal? READ MORE

Above Muscle Silicone Implants After Breastfeeding; Breast Sag, Ripple, Are Soft. What to Do? (photo)

Hi doctors, I had a BA in 2006. After kids my breasts became deflated, with stretched skin.My ps decided for an over the muscle BA with textured... READ MORE

Breast Implant Has a Knuckle and Fold That is Visible, How Can this be Fixed?

My initial Breast Implant surgery was done less than 3 years ago. My surgeon has indicated that along with rippling from one of my implants, there is... READ MORE

Why Am I Experienceing Rippling 7 1/2 Weeks Post Op from Lift and Implants?

I had cohesive gel implants over the muscle (right side 304 left side 339) with a lift (lolipop incision). I am thinner, 5'7" about 132lbs, I... READ MORE

Lipofilling to Repair BA Rippling

Hello, I did read that Lipofilling is used a lot for breast reconstruction , but what about fixing rippling after BA? I seem to understand that the... READ MORE

Indentation Below Breast After Augmentation

Had breast augmentation a week ago, silicone under muscle and have small indentation below my left breast towards the center. It’s like the fold g... READ MORE

Can Post-op Breast Massage Cause Rippling to Occur?

Is it possible for post-op breast massage to cause rippling to occur? I have saline sub-pectoral implants 360-380cc. READ MORE

Rippling and Fat Grafting?

I had a double mastectomy and will be replacing my expanders with silicone implants under the muscle. I am 5'7, 138 lbs, have thin skin and was a 34C.... READ MORE

Prominent ripples on sides of breasts 9 weeks post-op. Was told to gain weight and they'll go away. (photos)

Do any other experts agree?. I'm a mom of three I am 5'7 &132. I don't buy this . I showed my dr what I wanted & she said "perfect , that's exactly... READ MORE

My Breasts Look Saggy 5 Months After Breast Lift with 175 Cc Round Saline Implants. What Are my Options to Fix This?

I am 39 years old, no children. I had a benneli breast lift done and 175cc implants inserted via breast fold. I wanted silicone gel teardrop shape... READ MORE

Does Saline Implants Cause Rippling in Women with Little Breast Tissue? (photo)

I am 31 yr old mother of 3 wanting to go from 34A cup to 34 full B cup, borderline barley C. I was told by my PS due to my measurements that I should... READ MORE

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