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Are nipple piercings ok to be replaced after breast augmentation? (Photo)

I had my BA July 23. My PS suggested I take my nipple rings out never to put them back in but I've done some research and see that some surgeons... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Redo Due to Weight Gain, Breast Feeding

I had a breast augmentation 4 years ago after the birth of my second child. Thanks to weight gain, breast feeding and weight loss. I went from a B cup... READ MORE

Failure Rate for Breast Reconstruction Vs Breast Augmentation?

Hello doctors, I have read that women with radiation in the past who went for Breast Reconstruction with Breast implants have a very high risk of... READ MORE

Do Mentor Memory Gel Implants Need to Be Replaced Every 10 Years?

I called the Mentor company yesterday because I had some questions about their warranties. The person I spoke to, who didn't appear to be very... READ MORE

Can I have breast surgery if I'm sick?

I am replacing my implants and have surgery in 2 days but have been sick. I have sore throat, cough, and mild upset stomach. It's not bad but can't... READ MORE

Rippling and Fat Grafting?

I had a double mastectomy and will be replacing my expanders with silicone implants under the muscle. I am 5'7, 138 lbs, have thin skin and was a 34C.... READ MORE

"Corners" Protruding in Cohesive Silicone Implant 1 Week Post-op?

Last week I had implant replacement surgery from saline high profile 290cc to cohesive silicone mod profile 350cc. Now when i bend slightly or... READ MORE

What Can I Do For Paper Thin Skin?

I had implant replacement done 02/14/13, from 330cc to 540 ccs saline unders- the skin under the right breast toward the middle of my body by the... READ MORE

My implants are up to my collar bone. Will implant come down? Will I need them replaced? (photo)

2Days pre op & the implants r like up to my collar bone.PS says they may drop to correct position in 2 weeks .so do i leave em or take em out... READ MORE

Can you get a skin rash from a tissue extender?

My tissue extender on my left breast has been in for 4 months and is ready to be removed and replaced with my implant. I developed a slight skin rash... READ MORE

Hematoma after breast augmentation: normal to have size difference after?

I had my breast augmentation a week ago and had to go to the operating room to drain a lot of blood two days after my surgery, due to hematoma on my... READ MORE

4 weeks post op breast lift and breast implant replacement. Is a revision needed? One breast is much lower. (photo)

I'm 4 weeks post op and I'm not very happy with the lower part of my breast. I love everything else but one breast hangs lower with a large crease I... READ MORE

How Soon After BA Can I Have Another Surgery?

I am a healthy active 31 year old having a BA with vertical lift split plane. How long after my BA do I have to wait to have a L5-S1 disc replacement... READ MORE

When to Replace Implants?

I had augmentation in my early 20s but am now 45. I have been happy with my procedure but am beginning to notice hardening in my right breast. At what... READ MORE

1 Implant Needs Replacing, but Does Both Implants Have to Be Removed to Ensure Even Positioning?

My surgeon put in the wrong implant size in my right breast, so I am now a cup size bigger in the right breast than on the left (C cup left, D in... READ MORE

Replacing 25+ Year Old Silicone Implants Vs Waiting Until They Leak: How Much More Complicated is the Surgery for the Latter?

After doing research here, and asking several docs personally, I am finding many opinions are to leave in my intact (per MRI/ultrasound) until there... READ MORE

4 weeks post op, my Breast Implants is too large! Is it reasonable to request smaller replacement?

I'm 4 weeks post op and miserable with the size. I'm 5' 5'', 110 weight, very fit, athletic. Wanted to replace volume to a full B or small C. My PS... READ MORE

I have 32G breasts and want high profile implants!

I am 20 years old, 173cm and 70kgs. Since I was 17 I've had 32G breasts with moderate sagging and they kill my self confidence. In a bra they look... READ MORE

What Are the Signs That It is Time to Have Your Breast Implants (Saline) Replaced?

I want to be prepared financially if and when I need to have my implants replaced. Knowing what signs to look for would be very helpful. READ MORE

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